Metroid fans are becoming a joke online

New artwork ruins Mechanica's character

When you first see this image, what comes to mind?

According to a post on 4chan…


Mechanica is a bimbo

A post that had nothing to do with Metroid or Samus in general went out of it’s way to mock the ‘controversies’ surrounding the character. This may not seem like much, but it really is starting to seem like the tides are starting to turn against the extremist Metroid fans online. The bizarre obsession they have with proclaiming that Nintendo HATES Metroid and doesn’t listen to the fans of the series at all, even in situations that don’t call for it, is grating.

A crying princess needs to be rescued

I’m still not entirely sure what Samus is saying at the end. Only that I don’t agree with it. 

It’s impossible to take these people seriously as a result. I personally expect to see a divide among fans when the next Metroid game comes out. Between those of us who are happy to see the franchise get a new entry, and those who are upset that it’s NOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED NINTENDO TO DO.


2 thoughts on “Metroid fans are becoming a joke online”

  1. It’s some humor commentary. A princess is in danger and now this story driven game is about to get interesting…as she throws sarcasm all over that.


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