New fake Nintendo leaks: Rabbids RPG still happening


Peach has a gun

If you’ve been following this blog since before the Switch reveal, you may remember a Laura Kate Dale rumor where he claimed that a crossover between Mario and Rabbids was in development at Ubisoft and would be revealed at the January event.

Needless to say, it didn’t happen. Much like a number of other leaks, this one tunred out to be completely fake. However, for whatever reason, Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson are still pushing the rumor. The current narrative is that it was ‘delayed’ and that it will be shown at E3.

Because that kind of claim has panned out so well in the past for these people. beyond-good-and-evil-2-laura-kate-dale



Thankfully, now that the Switch is actually out, these rumors don’t seem to be gaining the same sort of traction they did before launch. Emily seems to NEED pre reveal hype to get her stuff to be talked about. I remember she became irrelevant post Wii U release as well, and now the same thing seems to be happening post Switch release.

This time, however, I’m carefully documenting her claims. She won’t keep getting away with it!



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