The new narrative: “Nintendo doesn’t support indie developers!”

The most recent batch of anti Nintendo propaganda has surfaced.…

We’ve talked at length in the past about how unofficial Nintendo centered news sites have this tendency to devolve into click bait for clicks, and this is no exception. Following the recent comments from Dan Adelman, a former Nintendo employee, about how it was Nintendo’s fault that they couldn’t get Axiom Verge on Switch at launch, a number of fake news stories have surfaced detailing how the poor indie devs are being mistreated by Nintendo.

This is ignoring, of course, the sheer amount of interesting content that is already on the eshop. Personally, I think shafting the vastly overrated Axiom Verge in favor of getting SteamWorld Dig 2 is something to be praised, not scorned.

It’s interesting to me that no one is bringing up Dan Adelman’s history with Nintendo and how he’s known to criticize them for really petty reasons. It’s almost like…. he may be the problem! Imagine that, right?

But you would never get that impression by reading these kinds of articles. They always prop up to try and make Nintendo look as bad as possible, even though their plans are working out very well. Both for them and for their customers.


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