The Fan Game Fiasco

It has becoming increasingly apparent that the gaming community is intent on demonizing Nintendo for partaking in industry standard practices. Whether it is making changes to games during the localization process or taking down derivative fan content, Nintendo consistently gets slammed for perceived offenses against their fans while other companies get away with a lot.

As an example, Tokyo Mirage Sessions localization changes got a log more coverage and attention online than Persona 5’s, despite how much more well established of a brand Persona is. It’s very interesting to see just how many examples of this weird kind of double standards are out there. We have been consistently seeing companies, particularly western ones, get away with a lot worse than with what Nintendo has ever done. And in nearly all cases, particularly this recent fiasco regarding their policy towards fan games, Nintendo is doing nothing wrong.

They are well within their right, legally, to shut down projects like this if they feel the need to do so. I don’t think anyone is disputing this fact. No no no, the narrative now is that they SHOULDN’T because it creates ill will with the fans.

In fact, they should be supporting the really good ones, like AM2R, with official releases!

This idea probably started with Sonic Mania being revealed around the same time, but let it be known that these situations are not the same. Sonic Mania, although it is being worked on by fans, is an official release. AM2R was made with Nintendo’s permission or involvement.

“Then why doesn’t Nintendo make it official and sell it?”

It would confuse the fans. The real ones who actually play Metroid games. Causing confusion surrounding that sort of thing could seriously hurt the brand. In fact, it has. One of the reasons I grew to loathe AM2R so much is that it took away attention from the real Metroid game that released that same month, Federation Force. Nintendo, I’m sure, has noticed how people are rallying behind fan games as being the ‘real’ entries to fan favorite franchises and has reacted as they should. In taking them all down.

I know people have been crying about how NINTENDO WILL REGRET THIS DECISION and that the GAME WILL LIVE ON, but in reality it’s already been forgotten. It really was only just a rallying point for Pretendos to gather around and try and pretend that Nintendo was out of touch with what their audience wants.

The Pretendos, specifically those who cry about Metroid, are NOT Nintendo’s audience. Nintendo’s audience actually buys, plays, and enjoys the games they put out. Not whine and cry online about how certain franchises don’t get as many releases as others.


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