Never use Reddit

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised to find after I started this blog was that my readers were more than willing to share my content with other people. I have been very pleased with my progress so far in my quest to establish just how toxic the online gaming community can be towards Nintendo, and I see no reason to ever stop or reconsider my actions.

However, I have recently become aware that someone has done something I would never even think of doing. Something so vile and evil that even I would not dare consider it. This person posted certain articles of mine on Reddit.

This isn’t something I have talked about on this blog because it isn’t relevant to the overall reason it exists, but I despise Reddit as a platform for any sort of discussion, whether it be gaming, politics, or otherwise. I feel it’s management, staff, userbase, and general layout to be disgusting and borderline unusable. You will NEVER have a good discussion about anything on Reddit.

I understand I’ve been mostly harsh towards 4chan users in the past, but that is because I actually use 4chan. Reddit, in my mind, is not a viable platform for any kind of discussion due to how the upvote system works. Instead of allowing the ideas themselves to be considered, users write off controversial posts while praising popular ones.

I consider Reddit to be up and away the most worthless avenue of discussion online and not worth my or anyone else’s time. Anyone who uses the site, ESPECIALLY when it comes to discussing Nintendo products or gaming in general is setting themselves up to be drowned out by the screeching of fanboy drones. I think the person who shared my content is well aware of this fact. He was just some guy who wanted to share my content, but now Reddit seems convinced that he is me and writes off everything he posts because of that.



One thought on “Never use Reddit”

  1. Hey man, it’s me, the guy that made those posts. You are right in that I expected that kind of response from reddit users, since I am very acquainted with the site and it’s ups and downs. My goal was to give this material some exposure since I think it’s very good. And even as I expected most people to get triggered by it, I hoped at least some guy would enjoy it as well.

    As you say Reddit communities can grow to be echo chambers so I consider sharing and expressing dissenting and uncommon opinions very very important, even if they are most likely to have negative reactions. I’m used to it by now. Anyone can create a subreddit to groom a new community however one pleases, but that kinda defeats the goal of healing/ pointing out the flaws of the general, “real” community.

    If you want I can stop posting you over there. As for me I don’t mind a few downvotes.

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