The Joy of a well made remake

Although I have not quite gotten through all of Fire Emblem Echoes, I can safely say that the game is more than just well done. It’s stellar. It is now quite possibly my third favorite FE release, behind only POR and Awakening. I cannot sing this game’s praises enough.

I do not want to get into specifics until my more thorough review, but there is one thing about this release that I think should be praised above all others.

Namely, this is how a remake SHOULD be handled. Nintendo somehow took a very unpopular FE release and made something interesting out of it. It’s odd to me that people are ignoring how this release was handled, especially since the looming disaster that is Final Fantasy VII R is gl(still) on the way.

Let’s conpare these two games in particular, shall we?

Echoes was confirmed about a year after Fates launched. Right out of the gate, it addressed what the game was, that it was coming out in a little under four months, and that a Fire Emblem Switch was in development.

Final Fantasy VII R was announced to roaring fanfare at E3 2015. Recently, right before E3 2017, Square confirmed it would be out within the next three years.

This in spite of the fact that the game is episodic to speed up development.

And I haven’t even addressed the radical gameplay changes that will alienate any true FFVII fans.

Echoes was well received due to adding new, beloved features while staying true to the original release. And even if you aren’t interested in playing the game due to it’s age, at least you have a new FE to look forward to next year.

We are very likely going to get FE Switch in our hands before FFVII R even has a release date. That’s how dire the situation has gotten in the past ten years. I know people love to pretend that FFXV was a success, but it clearly wasn’t. Much like MGSV, Square burned so many bridges and cut so many corners to release the game that they simply have nowhere to take the series next. It is all going to go downhill from here, I assure you.

The Fire Emblem team, on the other hand,  is pumping out great games left and right. And not just Fire Emblem releases Codename S.T.E.A.M was great. I’m sure they have other great games on the way as well.

Square, like all of Playstation’s pet third parties, have nothing.







2 thoughts on “The Joy of a well made remake”

  1. Glad to know you’re enjoying Echoes. How does Echoes compare to Shadow Dragon though? Both are remakes and both try to be as faithful to the original as possible, although Shadow Dragon probably suffers from being too faithful at times (i.e. the baffling need to “reduce” your army in order to access some side chapters).


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