Take Two: “If Switch is successful, we will support it selectively.”

For those of you who don’t speak bullshit, this basically just means decade old ports.

During the Wii U years, detractors managed to justify the lack of real third party support as being due to the hardware. “It’s hard to develop for, the gimmicks are annoying, it’s underpowered, it’s not selling enough…”

All this talk was meant to slide the blame to Nintendo for the issue. But as I said then, and maintain today, Nintendo is not and never has been the problem.

The Switch has been a massive success right out of the gate and will continue to do well for the foreseeable future. The future looks very bright for this platform but we still…. STILL… see third parties refusing to truly support it.

GTAV for Switch should have been announced by now. RDR2 should have a Switch version in development. Older games should be ported over as well.

But instead of that we get… nothing. Nothing at all. All we get are vague promises that ‘maybe’ we’ll get something if the Switch is successful enough.

Meanwhile they continue to support Xbox One, a console that has quite possibly destroyed Microsoft’s chance of ever being able to compete in the industry again. As long as it’s not a Nintendo console, they’ll support it to it’s grave.


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