Crying about ports

With the recent announcement of Pokken Tourney for Switch a large number of Pretendos, including their golden boy Josh Thomas from TheBitBlock, took to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

“I bought a Switch to play NEW games, not old ones!” They cried. “I don’t want ports! Nintendo is only releasing ports for the console!”

This is, of course, a ridiculous claim to make. Nintendo announced original titles for the Switch day one and has consistently released new titles for it since launch. Suggesting that the Switch’s big launch title, BOTW, ‘doesn’t count because it’s a port’ is laughable considering how popular it’s proving to be on the platform.

Unlike the Playstation library, which pretty much ONLY has ports of old content, Switch has had and always has had great games all around. The recent idea that Switch is suffering a drought is downright laughable considering the sheer amount of quality that is on the console already. Not just from Nintendo themselves, but from various indie developers and the like.

And there, of course, the fact that Nintendo’s big E3 show is in less than a week.

It’s amazing how people like Josh Thomas are trying so hard to pretend as if a disappointing E3 from Nintendo is ‘inevitable’ and that they aren’t happy with their switches. I’ve said this before, but Nintendo is not the problem here. We’ve seen during the Wii U years how these people desperately try to write off Nintendo’s biggest games with the flimsiest of justifications, and this is no different.

Arms does not count as a ‘real game.’ Splatoon 2 does not count as a ‘real game.’ Xenoblade 2 does not count as a ‘real game.’ Mario Oddyssey is coming out too late to make a difference. Indie games don’t count. Ports don’t count. Breath of the Wild does not count.

They always keep moving the goalposts just out of Nintendo’s reach.

I suspect we’re going to see some more manufactured outrage about ARMS when it launches next week, and Splatoon 2 next month.


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