I think it’s time we Nintendo fans took a stand.

The trend for multiplat third party games to skip Nintendo hardware, often for no real reason, is quickly spiraling out of control. It came to me earlier today as I watched the leaked Monster Hunter World demonstration that there was no real reason for Capcom to not develop for Switch. The game is not all that intensive or graphically demanding, and it would be a simple task to put it on Switch, to placate existing fans, while still going multiplatform.

But Capcom did not do that. Instead they laughed in our face and told us to buy a real console.

You know what? I’m not going to do that. Instead I’m going to stick with my Switch. I’m going to stick with the amazing games that are already out for the system, and the ones that are on the way. I have no NEED or desire to play Monster Hunter World on my Xbox One. I could, certainly, but I would have to install the game into my hard drive because Xbox One is the worst console ever made. Remember when you could pop in a game and just play it? Switch can do that. Talk about an innovation!

Capcom saw how Monster Hunter became one of the best selling third party IPs on Nintendo consoles, and chose to abandon us for no real reason. They are delusional if they think Xbox players are into this kind of thing. They aren’t. I’m told Final Fantasy XV hasn’t sold a million units on Xbox yet. Surely Monster Hunter won’t do better on these platforms than they would have on Nintendo consoles. Consoles that this series has done very well on in the past.

We Nintendo fans need to demand true multiplat experiences. If a multiplat game is NOT being released on our platform of choice, we will not buy it. Instead we will demand a proper, complete release on our platform. Otherwise it will not earn out support.

It is amazing how in spite of the Switch’s incredible success, not a single third party came forward and made an exciting new announcement for Switch. These people are downright out of touch with what people want, and it’s time we showed them that.

I will never again buy a fake multiplat  game new. I will buy it used for twenty dollars or less, if I truly want to play it. Otherwise, I will not even consider it.

I insist that every Switch fan out there follow my example. Show the devs that you aren’t interested in supporting Playstation or Xbox. Show them that they should #MaketheSwitch



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