The Upcoming PS4 release schedule

Upcoming PS4 games 2017

For a more complete list, you can refer to this metacritic page.

I don’t think anyone besides the most delusional of Sony fanboys is still saying that PS4 is a success of a console. It’s amazing to me how often I speak with people who own PS4’s who tell me that they hardly ever play it, because there’s nothing all that interesting on it. Sure super mainstream games like GTAV and Destiny sold millions of units, but for those of us with more particular tastes….? There’s no really all that much to look forward to, no matter how you look at things.

Take something like Horizon, which is supposedly one of Playstation’s new major IPs. If you like something like that, you would like Zelda more, because it’s overall a much better game. If you like Fifa, you’re likely someone who’s out of the house with friends a lot. Taking it out on Switch would be ideal for you. If you liked playing that, you would also like playing Rocket League on Switch for a change of pace. Wanna play a quick round of Mario Kart on a bus? You can do that. Want to play Pokken, Street Fighter, or Arms on the street? You can do that. And I have seen and heard about people who do this.

Do you see where I’m going with this? People are having fun with the Switch. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, is enjoying their PS4. And I think this upcoming, virtually empty release schedule shows us exactly why.

People often suggest that not having any AAA third party support is Nintendo’s biggest weakness. I disagree. I feel as if relying on these games too much is destroying Sony and Microsoft. In attempting to appeal to the widest possible demographic with every major release, they have stopped making new or interesting games for smaller, more niche audiences to focus instead on pumping out the same, tired slop every year.

One of the things I’ve been noticing about Nintendo fans as I analyze the community as a whole is how divided they are. Not just in their opinions about the company, but in the games they enjoy. They are people who like Nintendogs, and people who like Metroid. People who like Style Savvy, and people who like Elite Beat Agents. People who like Arms, and people who like Animal Crossing. In many cases, the fanbases for these franchises overlap. But not always.

That is NOT the case when it comes to the AAA machines, the Playstation and Xbox. Everyone who owns those consoles owns and plays the same exact games every year and downright ignore anything that goes against their preferences. We saw this with how more fringe games, like The Last Guardian and Street Fighter V, are treated on PS4. An outright refusal from the player base to even buy the game. If it’s not the next big thing, they don’t care. I imagine it’s only a matter of time until ARMS outperforms both.

And it’s this aspect of Playstation that really makes me question why Sony always ‘wins’ E3. They ‘win’ because they tell a very specific audience what they want to hear, regardless whether or not it’s actually true. They were told Horizon was going to be a genre defining open world game, and the fanboys fought tooth and nail to support it… only for it to be overshadowed by Zelda almost immediately. Oops. Nintendo fans, in the coming months, are getting Ever Oasis, Splatoon 2, Hey Pikmin!, Mario + Rabbids, Mario Odyssey, and Xenoblade 2, all before the end of the year.

What is PS4 getting? Battlefront II? It honestly DISGUSTS me that people are trying to hype that game up after how the first one turned out. AAA machine owners are like abused housewives, unwilling to move on to better things. I guarantee you that Splatoon 2 is going to be better. Why wouldn’t it be?

After all, it is a Nintendo game.


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