Megaman Legacy Collection 2 cannot fit onto a Switch cartridge

Fans were pleased to hear that both versions of Megaman Legacy Collection 1 + 2 would be launching onto Nintendo Switch this May in a single package. That surprise turned to shock, however, when it became apparent that Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 requires a download. Mega Man Legacy 2 is not actually on the cartridge.

We immediately reached out to Capcom for answers.

“Mega Man Legacy 2 is simply too much content for a Switch cartridge to handle. The Switch carts are extremely small and it is impossible to cram all four games in the collection into one. In fact, Mega Man 9 and 10 alone are too much for it to handle.”

That is not the only reason, says Capcom.

“The Switch is simply too weak to run the games that we want to make.” Capcom told us. “Megaman 11 on Switch has already had to be downgraded in order to run on the hardware. It’s like getting a rock to run Devil May Cry… it simply is not going to happen.”

We have reported in the past about how Capcom could not get Devil May Cry HD collection running on Switch, and how Nintendo abused the Monster Hunter Team. It is becoming more and more apparent that it was Nintendo that ruined all of Capcom’s franchises, not Capcom itself. Here’s hoping that the next Mega Man game, after 11, ditches the Switch version and goes on to be a Monster Hunter World type success, not at all held back by primitive hardware.

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