Disney has acquired Playstation from Sony in historic buy out

Gaming enthusiasts the world over, rejoice. A new age is dawning on the gaming scene. A new player has entered the game, but not quite in the way you may expect.

After a heavy negotiation period of several years, Disney has acquired the rights to the Playstation platform from Sony. This deal includes the ownership of the platform itself, all of the Sony owned trademarks related to it, all of the developers that are owned by Sony, and every single game they have ever produced are now owned by the Walt Disney company. Star Wars is now Playstation exclusive. Beloved characters like Aloy can now be considered part of the Disney Princess line, and Mickey Mouse is now considered a major video game icon. Bigger than Mario ever was.

“The time has come for us to control the video game market ourselves.” Disney executives announced after the purchase was confirmed to the public. “For too long have we ignored the potential of this wonderful medium.”

The announcement may come as a bit of a surprise to some Playstation fans, who were under the impression that Sony would never sell one of their iconic brands this way. But they needn’t worry. Disney already has very clear plans for the future of all of Playstation’s beloved IPs.

“Beloved video game icons like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn deserve will continue to receive new installments in their franchises.” Disney told us. “And of course we are looking to expand into new IPs and franchises.”

Disney has been interested in entering the video game market since the 90’s. The company, every year without fail, has been trying to acquire Nintendo since 1990.

“As time as gone on, we have slowly begun to realize that Playstation is a far larger and more culturally relevant platform than Nintendo ever was.” Disney told us. “Which led to the shift in direction.”

The buy out may not come as a surprise to some people. The new policy against female exploitation in games was due entirely to the incoming Disney buyout.

“Games are something that everyone should enjoy. There is no room for hate on our platform.”

Another year goes by, and the Walt Disney company continues to get bigger.




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