Industry Insider reveals that everyone in Overwatch is gay

Tracer made headlines two years ago when she was revealed as the first ever lesbian video game character to be featured in a video game. History has repeated itself with the recent revelation that Soldier 76 has had a relationship with another man, And if recent insider information from notable video game insider Liam Robertson is any indication, every single playable character in Overwatch is gay.

“Blizzard has done more than simply tack on a sexuality to a pre-existing character.” Robertson revealed to us. “It was the developers’ intent from the very beginning to be the first major AAA release with an entirely LGBT cast.”

Details are still scarce on the specifics, but Robertson has confirmed that new tie in comics will elaborate more on the cast and their colorful history with partners. It was also confirmed to us that iconic franchises like Diablo and Warcraft will receive much more LGBT representation than they did in the past.

“Diablo Immortal very well be the first time that an openly gay character goes up against an equally gay villain. The possibilities are endless!”

Blizzard is well on its way to becoming the most progressive video game company out there. They certainly have my, and my partners, support.


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