SteamWorld Heist is probably my indie GOTY

There’s something about these steam powered strategy games that just makes my heart melt.

I’ve spoken before but how much I loved last year’s Codename S.T.E.A.M and considered it one of the highlights of the year. It was a surprisingly deep, engaging new strategy game filled with characters from a time period I am very fond of. I felt like the game was made just for me, in a lot of ways, and really enjoyed my time with it.

It bombed, sadly, due to the press trying their hardest to make it look underwhelming and a stubborn refusal to talk about how creative it was. I, personally, felt it was a breath of fresh air after Awakening, as S.T.E.A.M was much more challenging and had a lot more mission variety. Obviously, I really loved both, I think Intelligent Systems has proven itself to be one of my favorite developers this gen, but Codename S.T.E.A.M sadly didn’t sell too well due to the actions of the corrupt gaming press, who are desperate to pretend that Nintendo doesn’t make interesting new IPs.

But never fear, a very similar indie game is here! Steamworld Heist is something Codename S.T.E.A.M fans like myself can use to pretend that Codename S.T.E.A.M is popular enough to warrant a spiritual successor. They are quite different, of course,  but the similarities they do share are uncanny. Both are turn based strategy games featuring steam powered protagonists.

They are, however, clearly completely different games. The settings are different (One historical fiction, one post apocalyptic) The dimensions are different (2D and 3D) and the mechanics are different. I absolutely cannot get enough of the ricochet system in Steamworld Heist: It makes me feel like Revolver Ocelot whenever I make a tricky shot to nail an enemy bot some distance away.

I was really surprised at how fun SteamWorld Dig was despite it’s simplicity compared to other games like it, and I feel like Heist is an improvement on that. I think the SteamWorld devs are really good at keeping their ideas simple, but really fleshed out. That feeling of mystery and wonder as I tried to tunnel my way downward in a three hour long game was something else entirely. I really wasn’t expecting that feeling from a game like that, and although Heist hasn’t quite hooked me in the same way, at least not yet, it is an absolute joy to play. Like Dig, I am really enjoying the characters in spite of their simplicity. It’s hard not to like Faraday and the way she handles her situation.

It’s simple, but I think that’s what gives it it’s charm. It really gives you that old school gaming feel of exploring a world you don’t know a whole lot about. I think the SteamWorld devs are becoming a favorite indie dev of mine because I feel like they make really interesting settings and games revolving around these Steam powered robots. I wonder if this was the same sort of appeal Oddworld had back in the day.

Anyway, I would highly suggest you check out SteamWorld Heist, especially if you are one of the six people who bought Codename S.T.E.A.M. It’s an enjoyable, creative strategy game that’s sure to keep you coming back for more.


Laura Kate Dale: The New NX leaker

Tamaki being banned from NEOgaf severely limited Emily Roger’s ability to spread her rumors without compromising her own credibility. As such, it was necessary for her to start reaching out to other hoaxers looking to establish a foot hold in the industry. SuperMetalDave wasn’t going to cut it. He was too uncontrollable for her and far too willing to make grandiose statements that went against what she wanted spread about the NX.

Laura Kate Dale, however, was perfectly willing to play along.

Laura and Emily have been citing each other as ‘reliable’ sources for quite a while now, but initially I didn’t take Laura all that seriously at all. All of her other attempts at faking leaks have been quickly proven wrong. However, with Emily’s influence, Laura is now considered a reliable source for NX related news specifically, despite her own shady history of trying to attract people to her shitty site with unreliable information.

From what I gather, she abandoned her old wordpress blog where she whined about Bayonetta being too sexualized in order to focus on NX related information specifically.

Bayonetta – Love the Woman, Hate the Gaze

Last year, she was primarily known for her work on SJW related projects. For example, working with Jim Sterling to cry about transgendered characters in games.

“Dear L.K. Dale: You don’t know me, I don’t know you, but we need to talk. Mainly, we need to talk about your inability to be a decent human being. Now, I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Traci, a computer technician who likes anime. Now, I’ll introduce you. Since I don’t know you, I’ll ask google to tell me who you are. Interestingly, one of Google’s auto-suggestions is “Laura Kate Dale lied”. Firstly, the image:

Laura Kate Dale, in less than professional attire

Google Tells me that Laura had a breakdown when a presenter was unable to determine her preferred gender pronouns without being told, and instead using the gender neutral reference of “this person” to introduce Laura. To Laura, this was dehumanizing because the presenter was not able to tell under the fabric animal ears, rainbow wig, aviation goggles and strong masculine jawline that there was a professional female journalist. Maybe his psychic senses were not able to silently determine what pronouns Luura wished to use. His inability to tell what gender Laura is based on their appearance under a bad My Little Pony cosplay is obviously due to a pre-determined personal attack and has nothing to do with Laura looking like a dude in a wig and animal ears. Joking aside, you will notice one thing about all of this: nobody gave a shit that Laura was trans, nobody raised a stink about someone being unable to tell their preferred gender from their physical appearance, until Laura did it herself, fabricating events to blow the situation out of proportion. Checking Google, this seems to be a re-occurring trend surrounding Laura, taking the smallest of sleights, intentional or not, and blowing them up to draw attention. Journalism tip: write the news, don’t be the news.

This leads us to recent events: a gaming studio called Pan Games released a game called TRANS GLADIATOR, featuring a crossdressing/transexual main character, created by a dev who also admittedly cross-dresses on occasion. Pretty good step for diversity and representation, right? Well, Laura and Jim Sterling got wind of this, and would have none of it. Equal representation? under their watch? NEVER! Jim started leading a hate brigade, rallying his masses of low-test neckbeards and cat eye glass wearing sociology majors, and attacked the dev, for creating a game that was intended to promote inclusiveness. At the same time, Laura took this as a perfect time to try and cling to a hot issue to try and make it about themselves. In their timeline, they had not used the word “tranny” at all since last may but just in the past 24 hours they have made more than two dozen posts directly referencing the game and attacking it and anyone supporting it,having done so for at least 20 hours nonstop from what I’m able to see here.

So we have a bully who is trying to attack a game dev, saying “tranny” is a slur (despite laura saying you can’t determine if it’s a slur unless you’re trans, which makes no goddamn sense) and we have an extremely unprofessional journalist who is so attention starved that they have to latch on to and attack a game dev and game for making a game that supports the trans community. Do they ever stop being angry long enough to take a look around and realize who they’re being angry at, ask themselves why, and see if it’s justified? I am starting to think not, these two types of cry-bullies will latch on to any issue, deny, attack them, and then try to flip victim and offender so they claim to be the victims of the people they searched out, misunderstood, and attacked.

Jim, I don’t know you or know much about you so I bear you no ill will. But don’t jump down someone’s throat because you’re offended on behalf of a group that you’re not a part of. in SJW terms, DONT APPROPRIATE SOMEONE ELSES STRUGGLE.

Laura, seek professional help. You are so insecure with yourself that you see anything and everything as a personal attack on you or your gender identity, to the point that you seek it out and shove yourself headlong into issues that have nothing to do with you. And for fuck’s sake, have some respect for journalism. If you know you’re going to be on stage at an event like that, dress like you’re proud of the company you represent. Take pride in your work.

To those who are offended: It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

The above is one example of Laura’s behavior as late as 2015. An attention seeking degenerate who cries about things that do not matter with the help of much more relevant personalities than herself.

View story at

So what changed from then and now? Laura Kate Dale, in 2015, was a joke, but now she’s a ‘reliable’ Nintendo leaker? What gives?

Somehow, she got Emily Roger’s attention. And that was all she really needed to be taken seriously by her circle of Pretendos. Dale is now being used as a proxy to leak NX related information on sites.

But, under any amount of scrutiny, we find that she is overall just as unreliable as Emily.

A Deep Dive on LPVG’s Nintendo Switch Reports and Info

Today we will focus on her post Switch article, in which she pretends to have accurately stated what the Switch was ahead of time in spite of not actually doing so. But unlike Rogers, she actually takes the time to cite her sources and craft a timeline for events. This was a bad thing for her to do because it gives people like me accurate dates and times to work with to see how exactly they came to the conclusions they did.

In short, she exposed herself. The NX information she did ‘reveal’ was out in the wild for months. “But Nintendo didn’t officially reveal it, why is that important?”

People  like Rogers and Dale pretend as if they have genuine contacts at the heart of Nintendo, when in reality they are simply collecting information that’s already public information, even if it’s hard to find for most people for whatever reason. Paper Mario, for example, was confirmed in 2015 by Intelligent Systems themselves in a Japanese interview. The information never made it’s way over here, so Rogers presented the information as her own.

Rogers is ALWAYS wrong when it comes to what she expects to see. Mother 3 being an obvious example. If she’s right about anything, Nintendo stated it for themselves in some way or another. Whether it be interviews, looking at patents, or closely following the financial meetings, she keeps a very close eye on what Nintendo is saying and makes her statements accordingly.

The things Rogers were ‘right’ about were leaked by sources other than her. Towards the end even people like Boogie2988 were well aware of the Switch’s general concept, and he wasn’t even investigating the console.

There’s a good reason a lot of Rogers’s statements are extremely vague and can have double meanings. It’s so she can always pretend to be right no matter what happens. Look at how she recently tried to claim she ‘accurately’ predicted Splatoon being ported to the Switch was. Wow… who would have thought that one of Nintendo’s most well received IPs ever would get a sequel?

Dale doesn’t do that and instead makes hard statements, which I think is going to bite her eventually.

Back in August of this year, Let’s Play Video Games began running a number of reports and rumours regarding the Nintendo NX, since renamed the Nintendo Switch. Although much of our info proved accurate, some has yet to be addressed in the three-minute reveal trailer for the system. We thought this would be a perfect time to give a little additional info on which information came from which sources, which things  were accurate or not, and as such which as-of-yet unconfirmed rumours and reports are likely to be proven true in the coming months.

Let’s start by giving a little overview of our sources in the run-up to the Nintendo Switch reveal. I have confirmed via Emily Rogers (AKA ArcadeGirl64) and EuroGamer’s Tom Phillips, who both had different leaks regarding the system, that our sources differ. These sources are unique to my attempts to report on the system prior to reveal.

Source A – A close source to an internal Nintendo division. Will avoid specifying in which capacity they work, or in which region. They have a decent awareness of production, retail hardware, development hardware and marketing plans.

Source B – A source close to development at a Ubisoft studio. This should not come as a surprise considering some of my reports have had specific information regarding Ubisoft software development. They are primarily aware of development kits.

Source C – A source connected to a large indie developer.

Source D – A source connected to a manufacturing partner.

Source E – A source who helped me leak Until Dawn: Rush of Blood one week prior to announcement back in 2015.

Dale does something you should never do in her position, and that’s describing her sources. Now, these sources are clearly real, no doubt about that, but they aren’t as close to the company as Laura is trying to lead you to believe.

The people who Laura and Emily reach out to are generally third party developers who do NOT know all the details of what the Switch is. In that regard, they are close to useless. Source A is different, and really highlights the problem I see with Dale’s style of reporting. If this source at Nintendo is so reliable, and has actual insider information… why wait until an hour before letting Laura know the video was going live?

I think she does have a source at Nintendo, but I strongly doubt that source works directly at the company. My guess  is that her source is someone who works on promotional materials and doesn’t actually know anything about what’s going on at the company. In other words, this person doesn’t actually know shit besides things everyone in the world didn’t know an hour later.

Announcing “The NX Reveal is Coming Tomorrow” Before the Official Announcement

If you’re waiting on official NX reveal its seeming like Tomorrow (Thurs American Time) may finally be the big day from what I’m hearing.


This was a super last-minute piece of news to me.

I found out the NX / Switch reveal video was coming around 1 hour before it was officially announced, and tweeted about it twenty minutes later (40 mins before official announcement). This information came from Source A (Nintendo) and was backed up by others with reliable sources.

Alongside this information I was given a rundown of roughly what to expect in the trailer, but I could not find a second source, either direct or from another person with sources, to corroborate. As much as I trusted Source A, I did not want to risk running this information without double-sourcing it.

I was told the NX reveal would be three minutes long (later confirmed by Nintendo), that it would initially focus on showing off Zelda: Breath of the Wild running, that it would focus on revealing the hybrid nature of the device and would reaffirm launch month, but not date or price.

Expect NX official name to be revealed tomorrow, alongside the look of the device. Not launch line up. Zelda BOTW NX shown.

Source A told me they had not seen the trailer, but had had it described to them. As such, I was careful not to take it as gospel.

Source A also told me the Switch name. I did not run it because I only had a single source on the information, but I did spend the following 24 hours searching for domain redirects, trademarks or references in interviews to the name Switch, but found nothing. The fact I could not find corroborating evidence is the reason why I alluded to having heard a name, but why I was reluctant to share it publicly at the time. I did, however, confirm that it was not using the Wii name.

I think her statements here confirm my suspicions. Note how she says her source at Nintendo hadn’t actually seen the trailer. Also it’s worth pointing out that Nintendo already confirmed that NX wouldn’t be using the Wii name. At most, she was able to reveal information, like, an hour ahead of time. At this point, I would rather have waited for the actual trailer.

Again, it’s worth pointing out that a lot of the things she ‘leaked’ about it have been confirmed elsewhere.

Source A (Nintendo) also told me that the trailer would reveal the system’s use of cartridges rather than discs. I was confident in this because it lined up with info from source B (Ubisoft).

We’ve known this for months. Eagle eyed observers pointed out that Breath of the Wild was going to be on some kind of cartridge by looking at some kind of business statement from Nintendo.

While much of the information in this report has yet to be proven accurate or inaccurate, I have significant reason to still believe it as accurate.

In short, our rumour stated that the Switch Joy-Cons would feature motion control and rumble support. I believe this is still accurate.

Our sources on this report were Sources A and B (Nintendo and Ubisoft). We have been given no reason at this point to suspect either source as inaccurate. Source B (Ubisoft) claims that the current version of Just Dance in development supports Wii Remotes, or Joy-Cons, for multiplayer play. Source A (Nintendo) confirmed Wii Remote support on dev kit, and confirmed the Joy-Cons as phasing out Wii Remotes over time. So, why not show that in the reveal trailer?

I asked Source A (Nintendo) why motion control support was not addressed in the reveal trailer. They said that the purpose of the reveal trailer was to show the console’s unique selling point in as focused a manner as possible. They say that motion support will be confirmed closer to launch, but that Nintendo does not want the brand messaging around the Switch confused at this early stage.

Source A (Nintendo) has since stated that the Splatoon and Mario Kart games in development, as well as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will support motion control for things like gyro aiming, steering, use of the magnet ability in Zelda etc.

There was a patent filed for that. Again, something we already knew.


If there is additional processing in the dock, I would expect at least a few seconds to swap handheld to console etc.

This information again came from sources A (Nintendo), B (Ubisoft) and D (Manufacturing). None could confirm whether the dock is a PlayStation VR-style processing box which helps power higher resolution play when docked, or if docking the console simply allows the handheld to overclock and provides better performance that way. All sources claim the hardware has an easier time running docked compared to when out and about as a portable.

Many on Twitter have drawn my attention to this interview with IGN where Nintendo state that “The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch… The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system.”

To that, I reply that they repeatedly use the words “main function” and “Main Console” here which still leaves a lot of room for clarity. I believe these statements were aimed at clarifying the Switch was not another Wii U style console rather than saying the dock won’t in any way alter game performance. You can’t play the dock without the handheld, but that doesn’t mean the dock won’t improve game performance.

I think this is what’s going to kill her: She’s making statements without any statements  to  back them up. I seem to remember Emily Rogers saying that BOTW would look better on Switch than on Wii U. Yeah, what exactly happened with that, again? It looks exactly the same. Funny how you don’t retweet that statement, Emily.

I think there’s more to the dock than meets the eye, but this extra processing power bullshit that Dale is trying to push makes no sense.

The “Believe Emily Rogers Specs” Tweet

To those asking me about Nintendo Switch specs check out Emily Roberts reports. She’s bang on the money.

I have run Emily Rogers’ Switch Specs by Sources A (Nintendo), B (Ubisoft) and C (Indie). All three say that the information is accurate to at least one set of development hardware. Source A (Nintendo) suggested they were final hardware retail specs.

Trust Emily Rogers on hardware info, she’s got rock solid sources on the tech and power of this device.

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Nice try, Laura, but I know better.

So, there you have it, that’s the whole story of my involvement in the NX leaks running up to the Switch reveal. Hope this helps folk have faith in my reports going forward, and offers some understanding into how these kinds of reporting happen

So to sum up, the information is either stuff we already knew (Switch being cartridge based) incredibly obvious (Switch might have a poor battery!) and leaking the fact that a trailer might be announced an hour ahead of time.

Real interesting information you’ve presented, Laura. Obviously, this being a post meant to put her in the best possible light, she’s leaving out all the things they, being Emily and herself, were wrong about.

Rogers has proved herself incapable of actually providing details of actual Nintendo software (The femLink fiasco in particular comes to mind) so it’ll be interesting to see how she handles the build up to the January reveal. Her fans will be wanting information on Splatoon and Mario and she simply won’t be able to provide it for them without exposing herself as a fraud.


It’s interesting to me, seeing how Laura Kate Dale didn’t write about Nintendo or the NX much at all until August of this year, after the Eurogamer leaks. There is no doubt in my mind that Rogers is behind this sudden interest shift to try and manipulate her into corroborating her leaks. Rogers simply cannot afford another BOTW level screw up. Enthusiast sites like /v/ already mock her at this point, despite the fact someone keeps spamming her content onto the feed. Establishing a new ‘reliable’ personality to keep attention off of her personally is what Rogers is trying to do here. If they fuck up, Dale will get the blame, the same way Tamaki did in April.

Dragon Quest VII first impressions!

I feel as if I won’t finish this game until next year, because BOY does it love to drag, but I really am enjoying it and I thought it would be fun to do a quick write up about it.

I think, generally speaking, I consider the best RPGs ever made to be on the Playstation. My all time favorite RPGs, Pokemon Yellow and Baten Kaitos Origins are not, but I feel as if Playstation brought forth a number of great RPG franchises that peaked on the console. Final Fantasy is the most prominent, with games like Final Fantasy VII, IX, and Tactics being put out in relatively quick succession to critical and commercial success. I don’t personally like Tactics, but I think that’s just a preference thing.

There were other prominent series in this era as well. Breath of Fire, Suikoden (Which I am VERY anxious in trying, because I am quickly realizing that 90’s Konami was incredible) and others. But I had never really heard of Dragon Quest before, save for some articles in Nintendo Power back in the day about the DS remakes and how the artist worked on Dragon Ball and Chrono Trigger.

Those articles drove me to Chrono Trigger, not Dragon Quest. Although I reasonably liked it, and recently played it a little again on it’s twentieth anniversary, I’m not one of those people that consider it one of the best games ever made. Again, I have to stress… It’s a good game, and I enjoy it a lot, but it was over a decade old when I first played it. RPGs are not a genre that typically age well, I find.

So I didn’t pick up the first batch of Dragon Quest remakes, although I really liked the concept of one, the one where you pick a wife and go on adventures with her. At the time, I was still trying to get started with my Final Fantasy collection… I think Final Fantasy IV came out that year, and I only managed to beat it last year. Obviously, RPGs are not exactly my thing, but now that I have more disposable income, I can afford to experiment a bit in titles like Dragon Quest.

So what do I think of VII, my first ever Dragon Quest game? It’s okay. Nothing special, but I’m reasonably enjoying myself, especially since the last RPG I played was Earthboung Beginnings of all things.

After that piece of tedious bullshit, Dragon Quest’s relative accessability and straight forward nature is really appealing to me. It’s charming, cute, and has a fairly interesting gimmick, with it’s two worlds nature. I find that I’m having no trouble overlooking the game’s problems as I sit back and play it.

In fact, I’m very surprised, because I feel as if a lot of this game’s issues should be more annoying than they actually are. For example, the game’s premise involves you shifting between the distant past and the present in order to save islands and the people who live on them. However, unlike other games with a dual world mechanic, like Zelda, you are forced into exploring these islands one at a time in  a fairly linear way.

This leads to situations where you sometimes need to clear an area in the past, head to the present, go to that area AGAIN, go through an area that has somehow not changed at all in the amount of time passed,  and collect something that you really should have gotten in the past. The game is actually worse than The Thousand Year Door in this regard, because the constant backtracking to areas you have already been to before never really stops, or at least hasn’t yet for me.

This doesn’t really bother me as much as it could have, because the world feels really lively and charming to me. You really get to know the people of each island you save, and you really want to help them solve their various problems. It sounds basic, and it kind of is, but I think it works.

The combat is simple and straightforward, but it works.

Figuring out what to do is pretty simple and straightforward… but it works!

I feel as if this game doesn’t try to do anything fancy or creative, but in a way that’s kind of refreshing. Too many JRPG games these days try too hard to to be subversive in some way, from Earthbound Beginning’s general aesthetic and setting to pretty much everything about the The Last Story’s gameplay.

Dragon Quest VII is just a really simplistic RPG with some neat ideas, and honestly that’s a lot more preferable to me than something like Undertale which was clearly made by someone who thinks they made something deep and life changing. I don’t know about you, but finding a village full of animals and slowly trying to uncover just what exactly happened to make that town what it was is a lot of fun, and that’s all I really need from an RPG.

It shows it’s age in many, many, ways. This is a game first released twenty years ago, after all. But I think it’s something to be noticed by fans of the genre. It’s straightforward, sure, but adventures don’t have to be complicated to be thrilling.



The Wii U was building up to the Switch

I think we’re finally starting to get a picture of what exactly happened with the Wii U launch.

From the very beginning, people’s impressions were very negative based on the belief that Nintendo seemed as if it didn’t know what it was doing with the console. It seemed as if the core function of the Wii U wasn’t thought out all that well and that it was still a work in progress. We had Miyamoto say before Star Fox Zero came out that they were still experimenting with the dual screen functionality on consoles.

Why would it take so long to experiment with something like that? I think, looking back, that the Switch was always planned to be Nintendo’s next big thing, but there was some technical issue that prevented it from reaching the market.

So what happened?

Wii U was never meant to be a success: It was meant to be a console they could use to:

  1. Get the hang of HD development and start preparing their teams for it.
  2. Experiment with the idea of having console quality graphics on a handheld so they could make the tech affordable
  3. Put into motion essential marketing strategies that will make the Switch a huge success. Miiverse, MyNintendo, the improved eshop, those kinds of things.
  4. Improve relationships with third parties and try to take the steps necessary to get the big third party releases of yesterday on the platform.

I feel as if the Switch was what Nintendo really wanted to do, they just needed a bit more time to get the tech ready, which is why they came up with the ‘Super Wii’ idea instead as a placeholder and then brainstorm ideas for that instead while the tech for Switch was fine tuned.

I think Wii U was, in it’s way, a huge success for Nintendo because it gave their competitors this false sense of security. That Nintendo really was doomed, that they couldn’t compete, that nothing they could possibly do would pull the rug out from them at this stage.

They did, and quite splendidly. PS4 sales won’t mean shit if Switch can play the best versions of games on the go and at home. And of course, Nintendo is dominating the mobile scene at the moment, with the most successful app in the world right now, Pokemon Go. And they can build off of that success with more games, both for phones and Switch to reach ludicrous new heights. And it was all because they took the very necessary step of putting the Wii U out there and learning from how the market responded to it.

Switch is going to be a huge hit because of the Wii U.


The Ethical Standards of Nintendo Leakers

Seeing Emily Rogers try and pretend as if she ‘correctly’ leaked Switch related information irritates me. So I thought, instead of talking about length about how she’s a fraud, I would write up an ethical standard that ALL LEAKERS have to abide by.

Yes, Emily. I’m going to start holding you  to real standards.

I. If you make a claim, be prepared to describe in depth what the claim means. Being vague or stating the obvious is not acceptable. I no longer what to see ‘Mario is coming to the NX!’ And see you retweet yourself on twitter so that everyone can see you were right.

For example, the Eurogamer leak detailing the NX controller design is actually what we wanted to see. Even if we didn’t get the whole picture, it was something to talk about. Emily and her cronies generally do not do this. They come up with something that sounds plausible and try to run with it.

II. Stop making shit up. Now, Emily, this may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I know full well that you’re full of shit. Check out this passage from your blog:

” There will be plenty of debates over the NX’s specs because it’s not simple to directly compare two apples (with x86 architecture) to an orange (that doesn’t use x86 architecture). But everything that I’ve heard (so far) indicates that NX isn’t going to blow away any of the consoles on the market today…except for Wii U.”

Switch visuals look indistinguishable from Wii U ones. MK9 looks like it reuses a lot of assets, for example. How funny that you, with your insider sources, didn’t know that until a more reliable leak came along.

There’s also the problem of you and your cronies trying your hardest to make beloved Nintendo employees look bad with no actual proof. Liam’s ‘Miyamoto LAUGHED at Platinum for asking to include Krystal!’ is a pretty good example, but I’m also getting annoyed at you pushing the ‘battery life is TERRIBLE!’ rumor. If the batteries are dying, charge them. It’s not complicated.

III. Stop taking credit for nothing.. Emily is generally only ‘right’ when there’s some kind of way for her to get a hold of publicly available information that others failed to notice. For example, her announcing that a new Paper Mario was coming out was due to someone at Intelligent Systems talking about it  at a convention, long before it’s formal announcement. Good luck seeing Emily admit to that, though. Pretty much all of her statements amount to mere investigative work, actually that anyone can do. I would say Boogie2988 stated about as much as she ever did about NX when he was asked about it, and he wasn’t even investigating it. The information about what Switch was was floating around since July, which is coincidentally around the same time Emily started making hard statements about it. It’s almost like she was right about NX because… we knew what it already was.

Look at what happened to Zelda. People in the industry were convinced that Linkle was a thing in Breath of the Wild and Emily made a statement confirming it. What resulted was the biggest blunder she’s been involved with for a while, especially when Aonuma confirmed they never even considered it, but thought about making Zelda playable instead.

IV.Stop making new statements immediately before or after big reveals.

Emily thought she was being clever by announcing that trailer was dropping sometime this week, but why is that the only times she ever makes definitive statements about something Nintendo is doing is when they publicly reveal information themselves?

It’s almost like she’s making up new nonsense with every reveal to keep her fans interested in what SHE’S SAYING, not what Nintendo is saying.

And that brings me to my last point:


Rogers never talks about games, and I think a big reason for that is is that’s a lot harder getting people involved in game development to break NDA’s. She can get people to give a vague desciption of what NX is weeks after we knew already, sure, but they obviously weren’t actual people working at Nintendo.She doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about game development… she seems to think the Mario Kart game shown is 8 with extra content instead of a sequel, for example, same with Splatoon.

So why doesn’t she talk about games, ever?

Because she doesn’t actually HAVE sources on the inside. If she talks to anyone at the company, it’s low level marketing people who don’t know shit. She has NEVER, in all the leaks I’ve seen from her, accurately describe what the upcoming release schedule looks like. Remember her infamous 2011 leak, where she claimed Soul Calibur IV, Endless Ocean 3, and GTAV were all coming to Wii U?


Her rants about Star Fox are always amusing (RAIL SHOOTERS ARE A DEAD GENRE!) and I seem to remember she had bizarre ideas on what the Gamecube was like as well, although I confess I don’t quite remember where I read that.

So there you have it. Follow these steps, don’t be like Emily Rogers, and you too can be a Nintendo Leaker we actually like and appreciate.





Nintendo Switch haters are a (Not so) vocal minority!

It seems like Switch has been well received by the community at large despite the naysayers.

Really, from what I’m seeing the only people who genuinely have an issue with the Switch are those that genuinely hate Nintendo. YouTubers in particular, who generally can’t monetize their content as easily. DSP, JonTron, Pewdiepie, and that retard TheGamingBritshow all tried damage controlling the situation but… uh, actually drowned out by all the genuine excitement from the community. I’ve also seen a lot of hate from the announcement article on Nichegamer. I think they were triggered by the idea of a console that you could with you outside.

In other words, the only people who seem to hate Switch are the same people who don’t really like or play video games anyway. I’m seeing a lot of naysayers try to pretend that Skyrim isn’t actually coming to Switch (Which is coming from an out of context Bethesda quote… expect a lot of that in the coming months!) and this myth that it’s underpowered and will only run seventh generation games.

So it’s about on par with PS4 and Xbox One.

All kidding aside, complaints are very far and few between and are coming from people actively trying to nitpick.  Switch is, in my opinion, the best possible move Nintendo could have made. I’ll elaborate on this more as we learn more about it, but the general idea is that third parties are NOT going to be able to refuse support for this console because of it’s unique functionality. One that Sony and Microsoft can not compete with.

And I think the customers (the REAL customers, not the faggots who cry about everything online) understand the appeal of the Switch and are making plans to… switch… over to Nintendo. Seven million views in a single day, tweets that outstrip the presidential debate, overshadowing RDR2…

It’s all looking very positive for the Switch, and I think that as Nintendo reveals new games, more people  will be won over by it. It’s going to be successful. How much so, I cannot say. Could it outperform the Wii? I doubt it, but I think it will do reasonably well for itself and really damage the illusion that Playstation is this unstoppable titan. That image is all Playstation really has at this point.

In short, I feel like Switch is well on it’s way to being a success.





Emily Rogers: The NX Mario game Miyamoto confirmed is a NX Mario game for NX.

One of the funniest things I’ve noticed about the NX is how all of these ‘leakers’ are at contradicting each other at every turn. SuperMetalDave and Emily Rogers are constantly coming out with nonsensical statement after nonsensical statement, each trying to out do each other in the hype olympics. Both constantly shit on each other on twitter, and it’s glorious to watch.

I really feel like Emily is losing a lot of her influence. I don’t think casual observers will continue buying her vague statements like ‘A MARIO GAME MIGHT BE ON NX.” and “YOU WILL SEE A NEW IP.” It’s simply not specific enough to be interesting, and it’s killing her relevancy. I know she has die hard supporters, but I think she peaked in relevancy a long time ago. You can’t bring up her name without mentioning all the things she’s been wrong about over the years, and I think it’s because of her actions and influence that ‘leakers’ have become an insanely lucrative way for channels that no one cares about to attract a steady user base. Looking at you, Dave.


Nothing Emily talks about is something that a really dedicated enthusiast couldn’t figure out for themselves. I myself have been talking about how ridiculous that Dave believes that power = success, but Emily is… well…emily-rogers-nx-info

Just like your reliable Zelda leaks?


If you were so reliable with your information, we would know more things about it than Nintendo let us in on. If you were so reliable, we would know everything there is to know about it already.

I will make SURE you regret that tweet, Emily. We know you’re making it all up, after all. I really don’t think Emily can take another hit to her credibility. She already lost a lot of support following her Zelda ‘leak,’ which was the biggest statement she’s made all year. She can’t really recover unless she gets something right, but people like me are more then well aware of how she operates by now. People who follow her will not be fooled again, I assure you.