Rockstar responds to Red Dead Redemption 2 criticisms: “It’s not supposed to be fun.”

After years of waiting, the game of the generation has finally released. All around the world millions of people are playing their brand new copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 on their Playstation 4 Pros and getting lost in that wide open, immersive world. There is no doubt among those of us who truly love video games that Rockstar has created the greatest open world game of all time. At least until they release the next one.

However, some fringe demographics on online message boards are not entirely happy about RDR2’s success and popularity. Fans of Mario and Zelda are not happy that Rockstar has almost singlehandedly killed what little momentum the Nintendo Switch had left this year. Rockstar’s Dan Houser had this to say about the situation.

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is not supposed to be fun.” He clarified. “This may come as a shock to those of you who have never lived a full life, but not everything in lie is fun and games. Sometimes you lose those you care about. Sometimes you fall share of your goals. Sometimes you fall on hard times. Sometimes you have to be a grown-up. Our games are made with grown-ups in mind.”

The statement reminds us strongly of a similar one that Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann made some time ago. Perhaps it is this design philosophy that has led western game developers to dominate the industry this generation.

As long as Zelda is fun, it can not possibly compete.


Nintendo confirms that Pokemon Let’s Go was designed to be as terrible as possible

“In a world where Grand Theft Auto V is the best selling game ever made, we realized that your game doesn’t need to be good in order to sell.”

Those were the words that Junichi Masuda, the Director of the title, spoke to us as we sat down with him in Tokyo. We had made it very clear that we weren’t exactly  happy with the way Pokemon Let’s Go was being handled, and Masuda was quick to reassure us that that was perfectly acceptable. It was, in fact, the reaction they were hoping for.

“Following the success of Pokemon Let’s Go, it became very clear to us that we needed to put out a release that would ease those players into the wider world of Pokemon.” He explained. “We wished to incorporate key features such as Battling in a way that would not be off putting to the new players. We wanted to convert these mobile players into Nintendo Switch players. The concept was easy enough… we incorporated elements from Pokemon Go into a proper Pokemon release. However, there was one major roadblock that we needed to deal with.”

That roadblock, Masuda explained, was nostalgia blinded fanboys.

“With every Pokemon release, certain fans insist that the new games aren’t anywhere near as good as the old ones.” Masuda told us. “No matter what improvements or changes we make to the formula, we are bombarded with complaints from grown adults about how our children’s games aren’t mature or sophisticated enough for them.”

These people, Masuda explained, are the driving force behind any sort of negativity lobbied at Pokemon. “It is very difficult for any player to discuss how fun these games can be online if hardcore fans keep nitpicking every aspect of the games. Such as, say, the Pokemon designs. Many non or lapsed fans genuinely feel as if there must be SOMETHING wrong with Pokemon, and are unwilling to even try the games because of that sort of negative talk. It has gone beyond people simply insisting that Red and Green are the only good ones at this point.”

We were quick to ask just what Masuda’s point was.

“In the end we decided that we needed to give these people something real to complain about.” He said. “We ripped a ton of models and assets from Pokemon Stadium 2 and planted them into Let’s Go. We simplified the movesets, trimmed down the puzzles, made beating the Champion extremely simple and not all that challenging. We wanted the reception among fans to be as poor as possible for this particular mobile audience focused release in order to lower fan’s expectations before the proper reveal of Generation VIII next year.”

This, Masuda assured us, will bring in lots of positive attention and praise to Gamefreak, Nintendo, and the Switch, drowning out any nonsense complaints from older fans who are still playing a game they should have outgrown years ago.

Time will tell whether Game Freak’s tactic will work, but until then…. I will be playing Pokemon Let’s Go, with the Pokeball accessory AND Pokemon Go app in hand.



Miyamoto: “We don’t listen to furries.”

Following the failure of Star Fox Zero Nintendo has seen intense criticism for the poor way in which they handled the release. Broken motion controls, rehashed story elements, and releasing for the Wii U doomed the game before it even released. Fans everywhere have been clamoring for a proper Star Fox game in the vein of Star Fox Assault, with a big focus on character and story, but Shigeru Miyamoto is having none of it.

“We don’t listen to furries.” He said shortly, before he had us escorted out of his home without even answering our question about Fox and Wolf’s romantic life.

My Boyfriend and I have been huge fans of the Star Fox license since A Fox in Space was uploaded onto YouTube in 2016. Ever since then we’ve often roleplayed as the characters, and discussed at length whether Fox is a dom or a sub.

However, when we first watched a Let’s Play of Star Fox Zero, we were aghast by the low quality of it all. The streamer was having tons of trouble even controlling the game, and quite once she got to Zoness. The game was just not fun and lacked the charm and passion of A Fox in Space.

Being hard core fans of the franchise, my boyfriend and I were quick to offer suggestions to Nintendo. Get rid of the antiquated on rails sections. Make it open world. Make it story driven. Have lots of different vehicles. Have real, adult, sexual relationships between each of the characters.

DO NOT rehash Star Fox 64 again. Nintendo is often accused of simply rehashing all of their franchises without implementing anything new, and Star Fox is perhaps the perfect example of this. There has NEVER been a Star Fox game that significantly deviates from the formula established by the first release on the N64.

Nintendo is not listening to the fans of Star Fox. And that, to me, guarantees that they will never improve or change their ways. And that makes me a sad panda.

DMCV microtransactions are completely fine

Devil  May Cry V will be one of the best games ever made. All three of the previous entries, Devil May Cry 1, Devil May 3, and Devil May Cry 4 are all in my personal top five games of all time list. Only Undertale manages to top them for me, and I suspect that DMCV will be no different. The question is whether or not the game can top the original games or not.

However there has been some minor grievances that Bayonetta fans have been mentioning lately. On message boards, on gaming news sites, on YouTube videos. Everywhere the Bayonetta fanboys have been coming out in full force to try and protect their beloved waifu action star.

The latest controversy? Overblowing the now series standard microtransaction system. Despite what the Bayonetta fans have been saying, the microtransaction system has ACTUALLY been implemented since Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. Actual fans of Devil May Cry did not at all mind the OPTION to pay real money for power ups and improved weapons. I myself used the system to aid my speed run through that particular version of the game.

Real Devil May Crys APPRECIATE the depth of the gameplay. We do not just simply mash buttons and defeat the enemies. We put a lot of thought and time into customizing Dante to play just as we want him to. A new, quicker way to make Dante more powerful so that we can stand a chance against the next Vergil fight is something that anyone who has played Devil May Cry 3 can appreciate.


Octopath Traveler pays homage to the The Last of Us


Joel in Octopath

RPG fans the world over are enjoying the first major Nintendo Switch release of the year, Octopath Traveler. Despite the outdated visuals and turn based combat, the game has impressed many due to its creators being very strongly influenced by classic Japanese RPGs. However, the developers have admitted to us that there was another major influence to the team. One that director  Keisuke Miyauchi  feels was far more beneficial to the final product than titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.

“Octopath Traveler was a title made to showcase just how far gaming has come since the nineties.” He explained to us. “Back then players were satisfied with little pixels slamming into each other. Nothing like what studios like Naughty Dog are producing today.”

Miyauchi explained that it was a common feeling among the dev team that it was best to implement design philosophies from both western and eastern releases. It was decided early on that the combat for the game would be strongly influenced by RPGs, but the story and tone would be inspired by titles like the Last of Us.

“No one plays RPGs because they are fun.” Miyauchi told us.  “People play RPGs in order to feel engrossed in the story and world that we, the developers, have created.  Neil Druckmann made a very interesting statement earlier this year regarding how the team at Naughty Dog are not thinking of whether or not the game is fun. It was kind of uplifting to hear him come to the same conclusion that we did.”

Naughty Dog’s influence over the developers of Octopath Traveler was so great that the team felt it necessary to acknowledge its impact in game. The sidequest of a father searching for his missing daughter Ellie was very made designed to pay homage to the Last of Us.

“The Last of Us is one of the best games ever made.” Miyauchi confided in us. “Better than Zelda, better than Dragon Quest, better even than Pokemon.”

Critics have been saying such things for years, but it seems that Naughty Dog’s impact on the industry is only just beginning to hit its stride. Only time will tell just how strongly The Last of Us Part II will impact the industry, but it is clearly on its way to establishing itself as the new standard as to what a video game should be.

Capcom buys 3 Million copies of Monster Hunter World to inflate sales numbers

Recently Capcom has released a statement that Monster Hunter World has become their best selling title ever at 7.5 million units sold. We here at TheHeroes7 were surprised, to say the least. Monster Hunter has always been a niche franchise in the West. To see it become such a huge overnight success made us all very happy.

However, following a little research, it has quickly become clear that, despite Capcom’s claims, Monster Hunter World has performed far below expectations. It has indeed ‘sold’ 7.5 million units… but almost half of that was due to Capcom employees around the world buying the game themselves and handing them to friends and relatives as gifts. A vast majority of those, according to a leaked internal document at Capcom, have never even been unwrapped.

The metrics for the game are rather poor. Those who did play the game dropped it rather quickly, citing how it didn’t play enough like Destiny or Call of Duty to justify continuing. The decision has strongly influenced Capcom’s creative team to commit to an even more radical departure from the formula for the follow up, Monster Hunter: World War. Hopefully western audiences react more favorably to this new PS4 exclusive than they did the stale Monster Hunter formula!


Shigesato Itoi has never heard of Undertale or Toby Fox

TobyFox Shigesato Itoi

Following the posting of this tweet, we here at TheHeroes7 immediately reached out to Shigesato Itoi in order to get a more thorough statement on his thoughts about Undertale and Toby Fox. Imagine our surprise when the famed Earthbound creator confided in us that he had no idea who or what we were talking about.

“I have never heard of that person or game in my life.”

Upon being pressed further about the Hobonichi event, Itoi recalls that he was there and spoke too many people, and eventually recalled an American man who approached him out of the blue while he was in the middle of a conversation with business associates.

“It was a very strange conversation.” Itoi recalled. “This young man came off the street and started speaking to me about the Mother games and how he was a game designer as well. I spoke to him at length about games, and eventually I remarked to him that he quite the awesome enthusiasm for game development. I did not say he was an amazing game developer, as again I did not know who he was, but I’m happy to hear that he has had far more success than I had expected of him! I wish him the best.”

The Story of how Snake got into Smash Ultimate

Having leaked the Smash Bros Ultimate roster far ahead of time, TheHeroes7 is naturally the go to place for a behind the scenes look at the development for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We have spoken at length about how the legend of Chris-Chan inspired Sonic’s inclusion in Brawl, and how Lucina is Sakurai’s waifu. Today we are going to be discussing the most surprising announcement of Smash Ultimate. The inclusion of Solid Snake.

Why would Konami, the video game infamous for not actually making any video games, want anything to do with putting Snake into Smash Bros? The Metal Gear Franchise has been extremely mistreated in the past decade or so. With complete tripe such as Metal Gear Survive, Acid, and Guns of the Patriots hitting store shelves, it was becoming increasingly clear to fans that Konami did not care for its franchises at all.

Because of this, we here at TheHeroes7 were most surprised by the inclusion of Solid Snake in the roster. We have since done a little digging to uncover how Sakurai managed to get Snake into the game.

Following Hideo Kojima’s firing from Konami, Masahiro Sakurai traveled to Konami HQ to negotiate for Solid Snake. Nintendo had already given him free reign in handling the negotiations. Snake was one of the characters that Sakurai personally wanted to see return to Smash 4, but was unable to even begin implementing. He was determined to get Snake no matter what.

Konami, however, had been desperately trying to stomp out any project related to Hideo Kojima for quite some time. They were not willing to give Hideo Kojima’s iconic character any more relevancy. They were prepared to kill off the character for good, purely to spite Hideo Kojima. Sakurai, during negotiations, quickly realized this. His planned element of attack was not doing any ground. He was not going to get Snake back for the game.

It was then, right there during the meeting, that he came to a realization.

“If we bring David Hayter back as Snake, that will really piss Kojima off.”

The room went silent. In five minutes Konami’s executives agreed to not only allow Snake to return for Smash Ultimate, they would pay for David Hayter to return as Solid Snake and record new dialogue for the game. (Snake has the most dialogue out of any Smash Bros Ultimate character due to the new codec system)

In short, Sakurai manipulated Konami into putting Snake in Smash Ultimate purely to get back at Kojima. Please Understand.

Nintendo: Nintendo 3DS will outlive Nintendo Switch

Following the March 8th Nintendo Direct, many Nintendo fans were surprised by the sheer number of Nintendo 3DS titles that were unveiled. It has been commonly assumed among fans that Nintendo Switch would be Nintendo’s focus going forward, and that the 3DS would slowly be phased out. Following the Direct, however, Kimishima released a statement shedding light on Nintendo’s development plans for 3DS and Switch.

“We have no further plans for Nintendo Switch.” Kimishima announced following the Direct.

The news came as a bit of a shock to Nintendo fans around the world, but Kimishima quickly clarified his point.

“The Nintendo Switch is not a new Nintendo platform.” He said. “It is a Wii U gamepad redesigned to be easier to carry around with you. Our new home console, the Nintendo NS, will be announced next year.”

This was why, Kimishima claims, there have been so many Wii U ports on the console. The primary purpose of the Nintendo Switch was to get Nintendo Wii U games to sell millions more than they would have on the original hardware. It was never meant to be the next big thing from Nintendo. It was merely meant to help make the Wii U a true success story before Nintendo moved on to its next big release.

But how does this relate to the 3DS’s continued support?

“The 3DS will not just be supported for this year, or the next year, or the year after that.” Kimishima said. “We will continue to put new games on 3DS for the next five years. Please look forward to those announcements in the near future.”

Upon hearing this news YouTuber Josh Thomas hung himself on camera, clutching a Tom Nook doll and crying about Chibi-Robo.