THQNordic is the most arrogant third party developer so far this gen!

It’s very surprising to see this happen, considering how there are actually quite a few THQNordic games on the way for Switch. But all of these games are smaller in scope compared to other projects they are working on such as Darksiders III.

And now, due to an interview with the company, we now have an idea of why that is.

This is partly due to the firm’s belief that 3DS will soon be replaced by Switch – depsite Nintendo’s assertions to the contrary – and the relatively low power available in the platfrom holder’s new console. Pollice notes that even Battle Chasers, a 2D turn-based RPG game based on comics by notable artist Joe Madureira, has been “a challenge to get running smoothly on Switch” and open-world sci-fi RPG Elex is “just too demanding right now.”

In short, THQNordic is simply too lazy to make a proper port and optimize the game correctly.

Despite what internet critics want you to believe, it really is not all that difficult to port games onto different hardware if, and that is a big if in the current industry, the developers are willing to put TIME and EFFORT into making it happen.

THQNordic, in saying that a fucking 2D TURN BASED RPG IS DIFFICULT TO GET RUNNING ON SWITCH, really demonstrates just how poor their coding is.

There’s been a tendency to blame Nintendo for the lack of real third party support in the past twenty years, but I genuinely laugh at that assessment. And it’s due to entirely to statements like this. The excuses given as to why Switch doesn’t get ‘real’ third party support are impossible to take seriously. It’s clear, to me, that developers are simply not putting in the effort to properly create a proper version of their titles for Nintendo platform.

All multiplat games CAN and SHOULD be getting releases on Switch. #MakeTheSwitch

But that is only one half of this story. What makes THQNordic the most arrogant third party so far this gen?

This little gem.

“De Blob is the perfect indie game. On the Wii, it was a bit underrepresented – it should have been on Steam in the first place, it would have been a massive success. Although it’s not that hardcore, in terms of the visual style, the mechanics are so cool and it’s so relaxing. I remember when we looked into that, I was playing it with a Wii emulator and I felt like I could play it forever.”

THQNordic is downright delusional. They really do think that their shitty painting game would have been a huge hit if it wasn’t on Nintendo platforms. Honestly, I think the only reason the game is even remembered is because it was on Wii, when a ton of other third party developers were foolishly developing for Playstation360 and not the market leader that generation.

I hate De Blob, by the way. I bought it because people were comparing it to Splatoon when it was revealed, and quickly grew bored with it. And that’s why this next bit infuriates me so much.

“Before THQ went bankrupt, they had an online De Blob game [in development] which was basically like Splatoon,” says Pollice. “It was never released, but I think they invested a couple of million into it. They were making it for Asia. It was pretty far [through development], it wasn’t far off soft-launch. But it was funny, because when Nintendo announced Splatoon I was like ‘hey, I’ve already seen that – that’s literally De Blob Online’.”

Wow. Just wow. Talk about desperation. Talk about being petty. Talk about being a complete piece of shit simply to write off the much better IP and company.

This reminds me of how Pretendos in 2014 were pretending that the concept for Splatoon was stolen from some cancelled Xbox arcade game. That’s what these statements say to me: That we came up with Splatoon FIRST. It doesn’t matter that the game didn’t actually come out, and that the first game wasn’t all that popular, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE HIT IF IT WAS ON STEAM AND NOT NINTENDO.

It’s this kind of bizarre logic and inability to actually write flexible code that is going to lead to the Worldwide gaming crash, I feel. Companies are putting out these huge games that no one really has any interest in. Darksiders II, for example, was slammed for not being nearly as polished as the first game, and I’m sure that Darksiders III will follow the same trend.

Having established, fairly popular IPs is only going to take you so far if you don’t respect the audience that actually likes or plays your software. Blaming Nintendo for your own ineptitude at developing games is not going to win you any favors with anyone, especially not Nintendo fans. Especially considering their biggest game so far, Darksiders III, is blatantly Zelda influenced.

THQNordic needs to #MaketheSwitch

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