Emily Rogers has completely given up!

RIP Emily Rogers.JPG

So that’s that. Emily Rogers has completely given up. It’s not hard to understand why, if you’ve been following along at all for the past few months. She has completely burned through all of her good will and now no one takes her seriously. You simply cannot bring her up without someone bringing up all the numerous things she has gotten wrong.

My guess is that she’s not going anywhere and is only going into hiding for a while to try and wait for the heat to subside a little. I remember she did this back in the Wii U days as well.

The new narrative: “Nintendo doesn’t support indie developers!”

The most recent batch of anti Nintendo propaganda has surfaced.


We’ve talked at length in the past about how unofficial Nintendo centered news sites have this tendency to devolve into click bait for clicks, and this is no exception. Following the recent comments from Dan Adelman, a former Nintendo employee, about how it was Nintendo’s fault that they couldn’t get Axiom Verge on Switch at launch, a number of fake news stories have surfaced detailing how the poor indie devs are being mistreated by Nintendo.

This is ignoring, of course, the sheer amount of interesting content that is already on the eshop. Personally, I think shafting the vastly overrated Axiom Verge in favor of getting SteamWorld Dig 2 is something to be praised, not scorned.

It’s interesting to me that no one is bringing up Dan Adelman’s history with Nintendo and how he’s known to criticize them for really petty reasons. It’s almost like…. he may be the problem! Imagine that, right?

But you would never get that impression by reading these kinds of articles. They always prop up to try and make Nintendo look as bad as possible, even though their plans are working out very well. Both for them and for their customers.

New fake Nintendo leaks: Rabbids RPG still happening


Peach has a gun

If you’ve been following this blog since before the Switch reveal, you may remember a Laura Kate Dale rumor where he claimed that a crossover between Mario and Rabbids was in development at Ubisoft and would be revealed at the January event.

Needless to say, it didn’t happen. Much like a number of other leaks, this one tunred out to be completely fake. However, for whatever reason, Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson are still pushing the rumor. The current narrative is that it was ‘delayed’ and that it will be shown at E3.

Because that kind of claim has panned out so well in the past for these people. beyond-good-and-evil-2-laura-kate-dale



Thankfully, now that the Switch is actually out, these rumors don’t seem to be gaining the same sort of traction they did before launch. Emily seems to NEED pre reveal hype to get her stuff to be talked about. I remember she became irrelevant post Wii U release as well, and now the same thing seems to be happening post Switch release.

This time, however, I’m carefully documenting her claims. She won’t keep getting away with it!


Metroid fans are becoming a joke online

New artwork ruins Mechanica's character

When you first see this image, what comes to mind?

According to a post on 4chan…


Mechanica is a bimbo

A post that had nothing to do with Metroid or Samus in general went out of it’s way to mock the ‘controversies’ surrounding the character. This may not seem like much, but it really is starting to seem like the tides are starting to turn against the extremist Metroid fans online. The bizarre obsession they have with proclaiming that Nintendo HATES Metroid and doesn’t listen to the fans of the series at all, even in situations that don’t call for it, is grating.

A crying princess needs to be rescued

I’m still not entirely sure what Samus is saying at the end. Only that I don’t agree with it. 

It’s impossible to take these people seriously as a result. I personally expect to see a divide among fans when the next Metroid game comes out. Between those of us who are happy to see the franchise get a new entry, and those who are upset that it’s NOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED NINTENDO TO DO.

Why Horizon is a Masterpiece

It’s no secret that Playstation’s new IP has taken the world by storm. It features a strong, female protagonist in a world filled with robot dinosaurs. It features a compelling, oscar winning story. And it outsold Zelda on day one.

Outselling Zelda in particular is a feat. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s very few IPs that Nintendo constantly supports with new releases, while fan favorites like Metroid, F-Zero, and Earthbound are left to rot. BOTW was meant to revitalize interest in the brand, but instead, it was outperformed by a new IP featuring a female protagonist on day one.

This is not the first time that Playstation has outsold one of Nintendo’s biggest brands. Knack, a PS4 launch title, vastly outperformed the Wii U exclusive Super Mario 3D World. It did so well, in fact, it is well on it’s way to getting  a sequel. Just as Horizon outsold Zelda.

It really goes to show that the interest in gaming has shifted from these stale Nintendo properties to new and fresh ideas from up and coming developers. People don’t want to buy endless Mario games or Zelda games. What they want is the cutting edge titles for the best selling console in the world, the PS4. Horizon Zero Dawn outselling Zelda is not at all unusual, and is, in fact, to be expected. Sony always wins, baby.

No motion controls for Old Men

Ever since the Wii popularized motion controls in 2006, you have had people trying to write them off as gimmicky. At the time, it was a pretty blatant attempt at trying to justify owning a PS360 at a time when the Wii was dominating. It has, however, evolved into something more than that. There is now a group of 30+ year old men who absolutely refuse to touch a game with any kind of motion controls. It was this group that dominated the discussion of Star Fox Zero and tried to pretend the innovative control scheme simply did not work, when in reality it was incredibly immersive and unique.

And now we’re seeing the same people trying to hate on ARMS for the same reason. However, the situation has changed this time. Nintendo is ALLOWING you to use a traditional control scheme… however, no one serious about the game is going to fucking bother with it, as the motion controls are pretty blatantly going to be a lot better for the title. The devs have already stated as much, that the game WAS built around the motion controls and hat a lot of the game’s depth comes from them.

The option for the more traditional controls, in short, are clearly for amateurish, unskilled players who just want to learn the basics of how the game works, before moving onto the superior motion control scheme.

I remember how, before the Switch was revealed, people were crowing about how Wii was not a ‘real’ revolution because motion controls were no longer being used by any of the big companies. ARMS, however, shows that Nintendo is doing a lot MORE then simply improving motion controls. They are integrating them in such a way that even people who claim to loathe them can overlook the fact that they are there. Look at the people who started praising the fact that BOTW didn’t feature motion controls. It actually does, it is just done really subtly and not in a way that people find all that intrusive.

So yes, to all of these old men who hate motion controls. Boogie2988, Ian from the CUPodcast, Jim Sterling, Cinemassacre… no one cares what you think. Motion controls aren’t going anywhere.


Nintendo Direct impressions

Although far from a blowout of exciting new information, the Direct still managed to show a ton of interesting games.

My problem is that we have known about most of these games for months. Ever Oasis is a particularly bad offender, where all we saw from it in the Direct was a bunch of still images and a release date. Although I’m happy to see it FINALLY have a set release date, it’s a bit later than what I was expecting.

In fact, a lot of Nintendo related titles are launching later than I was hoping for. Arms has been confirmed for June. Splatoon, shockingly, is launching in JULY, which is very odd considering Nintendo’s history of never launching anything of interest that month. Hey Pikmin (Stupid name, but whatever) is making me both very anxious and very excited. On one hand, the game does look as if it has lots of cool, unique mechanics. The problem is that I believe it’s being developed by Arzhest, the scum behind Yoshi’s New Island. These guys somehow took my all time favorite game and shat on it. I’m not optimistic for future projects from them as a result.

We’ll see how it turns out, but whatever.

Street Fighter II… does not look great. Really, what Capcom SHOULD have done was make an entirely new game and not rehash SFII again. I’m not a fan of the series, in fact I’m growing to strongly dislike the series and it’s following due to being pushed so often in tourneys despite overall being a rather uninteresting series. Again, and I cannot stress this enough… BUY THE NEOGEO FIGHTING GAMES INSTEAD. KOF ’98, despite it’s age, still holds up well, and that’s coming from someone who has never even heard of this series before it’s Switch release.

Speaking of older games, third parties are pushing quite a few ports on the Switch. Although some are welcome, such as Disgaea 5 and Payday 2, I have to question Ubisoft’s decision of porting Rayman Legends before anything else.

Why? It’s a four year old game that honestly is kind of overrated anyway. You can do a lot better than that, I’m sure.

Personally, I don’t see third parties supporting Switch much at all in the future, in spite of it’s success. We may be thrown a rushed port every now and then, but they have demonstrated in the past that they don’ care how well a Nintendo console does. They will NEVER put any real effort into developing content for it. Just look at what happened with the Wii and it’s monstrous success. They ignored it. Tatsunoko vs Capcom happened as an experiment to see if Marvel vs Capcom esque game could succeed in NA. The Wii exclusive promptly did really well, which prompted Capcom to make Marvel vs Capcom 3 Xbox and Playstation exclusive.

This kind of thing happens all the time, so don’t be surprised when third parties inevitably don’t announce something on Switch that really, really, really should be on it.

The highlight of the direct, for me, was Arms. The game has an insane amount of depth, as anyone who knows anything about fighting games will tell you. It’s a very unique kind of depth, too, and I think the fight they showed off really shows how the game works in action. It infuriates me that people are trying to write this game off as being shovelware, when it very clearly isn’t.