Nintendo dominated the fake leakers!

I just filmed a reaction going over what I thought of the Switch reveal. You can watch that on my channel.

Now let’s focus on the fake leaks.


So both Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson, two people I have called out for fake leaks, dismissed a post on random leak as 4chan as being fake and not lining up with their sources.

However… that random post happened to be legit. I remember seeing it myself: It accurately described Arms in much more depth than what we’re used to seeing from leaks.

And both Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson dismissed it. Ouch.

Everything they leaked  regarding the Switch was wrong. There was no Rabbids RPG, there is no Beyond Good and Evil 2, No Mother 3, the list goes on and on.

The only leak that seems to have been accurate (Surprisingly) is the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe one… a shock, considering that it came from Emily Rogers who also started the Splatoon port rumor which WAS fake. My guess is that Nintendo confirmed that it was a port in some Japanese conference or something. We established that was the case when it came to her ‘leaking’ Paper Mario, and I imagine something similar happened here.

Emily is a lot more clever than Liam or LKD and isn’t going to put herself in obvious weak positions. She’s pretty good at making statements vague enough to have a lot of wiggle room. I could see her pretending that “Oh, the voice acting in the cutscenes for Zelda is something I predicted!”

Remember, she is VERY strongly associated with Laura Kate Dale and Liam Robertson. She is of the same mold, even if it’s not nearly as obvious due to how good she is at deflecting things.

I know Laura Kate Dale is banging on about how the ‘technical’ leaks were correct, but I think all that came from patents and stuff. Everything about actual games was wrong, and I think that alone is more than enough to discredit him. I’m not going to waste any more time going over his leaks: He has been debunked, the end.

So now we’re back to where we are around E3… Emily Rogers is the last obstacle remaining. The final boss, if you will. I’m sure she will try and reach out to other personalities online desperate for attention to try and take the heat off of her when something gets proven wrong, but at the moment she is all alone.

Last time this happened she ended up making a number of huge mistakes. Mother 3 being revealed at E3 2016 and BOTW having female Link being among them. If she doesn’t have a ‘filter’ between her and her audience, her lies tend to fall apart. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on her in the very near future. She is starting to have a very real following of people online who hate her guts and I have no intention of letting up on the gas at this stage.


RUMOR: Mario Rabbids RPG is pushed back… or, more likely, was fake to begin with!

It seems like the corrupt gaming press are trying their hardest to pre-emptively damage control one of the very few hard statements Laura Kate Dale has made concerning actual software coming to the Nintendo Switch.



For those of you who aren’t aware, Liam Robertson is actually the man who got me interested in following fake Nintendo leaks seriously. I have caught him lying about Nintendo products numerous times, including the now infamous Devil’s Third is delayed claims and Star Fox Zero’s development trouble claims.

It’s because of Emily Rogers jumping in to give credibility to the Devil’s Third rumor in particular that gave me insight on what these people are trying to do. Namely, they network to and collaborate on fake new stories, and when trouble falls on one of them the others rush in to try and damage control. I talked a little bit the other day about how Tom Phillips RUSHED in to explain Laura Kate Dale’s and Emily Roger’s claims that Zelda was being delayed after it became apparent that they were completely wrong. And now we’re seeing Liam do the same thing with the Rabbids rumor.

Laura Kate Dale is nervously tweeting about the Direct right now, as I type this, and I think that speaks volumes. He’s already talked about how he’s not going to cover Nintendo content after this, and I think I have a good idea why. He’s very nervous about the inevitable backlash that follows whenever a ‘leak’ gets proven wrong.

As he should be: People do not deserve to be lied to like this. People are sick and tired of organizations shoving this guy’s dick down their throats. If we have to directly call him a faggot on twitter to make him go away, so be it.

Xbox is irrelevant

I’m taking this Scalebound cancellation very poorly.

It honestly never even crossed my mind that Microsoft would outright the game after four years of development. I knew there were development issues, and talked about how Kamiya was probably being forced to do things he wasn’t comfortable with.

But I never thought the game was going to be CANCELLED. I bought an Xbox for this game, for crying out loud. I had a lot of faith in Kamiya to deliver, and I knew he could have done it, but Microsoft are such incompetent producers that it’s impossible for anything to get made under their supervision.


It’s incredible to me that Microsoft is constantly announcing games that are never going to see release. For comparison’s sake, I can think of ONE TIME Nintendo cancelled a game following it’s official announcement. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. That game’s cancellation has led to hilarious conspiracy theories about Nintendo’s handling of NST. There are some truth to those rumors, Nintendo spent the following decade restructuring NST to deal with the issue there, and it’s starting to seem like we may see a new Wave Race for the Switch. Meanwhile Microsoft (And to a lesser extent Sony) vastly mistreat any of their teams that release underperforming products.

It’s always amused me to see people try and pretend that Nintendo is the company who mistreats their talent creatively when it’s companies like Microsoft who are constantly shutting down projects like this mid development. Kamiya and other Platinum Games employees are reportedly taking extended vacations because the project was just so stressful for them. There is no doubt in my mind that this project was going badly from the very beginning. Kamiya was pretty clear about that, whenever he let something slip.

And this is what I want to talk about today: How Xbox simply CANNOT treat any talent under them with any degree of respect. .This kind of situation, whether from the Lost Oddyssey devs, the Halo devs, or now Platinum is typically swept under the rug by the media. “Oh, maybe the game wasn’t good, the devs weren’t making deadlines, they were taking too long….” We’re already seeing this with Arthur Gies from Polygon. The genius who gave Bayonetta 2 a 7.5 because he hated that she was sexy is now trying to shift the blame onto Platinum for not doing what Microsoft wanted them to do.

Here, Mr. Gies. Let me outline Kamiya’s output in the last several years. Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101…

All of which went on to be massive cult classics. There are people online right now clamoring for a real sequel to DMC and Viewtiful Joe. Bayonetta was a great enough IP to make it into Smash, and The Wonderful 101 is one of my personal favorite games ever. Are you really going to try and write off this game being cancelled as being Platinum’s fault?

The real problem is clearly with Microsoft. But now that we have outlined whose fault it was, just what is the problem anyway?

Simply put, Microsoft has no idea what they are doing.


I am really no exaggerating when I say that Microsoft is and always has been dead last in the console race. The amount of cash they have to fork around to remain as competitive as they do is absolutely unbelievable. We’ve already talked about how Sony had to pay established third party devs with a strong following on Nintendo consoles to make the jump to Playstation. Microsoft has to do the same thing now, and near constantly. Their attempts at getting real support for their system… building their own first party studios, forming relationships with quality second party developers, and getting equal support with Playstation… as always ended in disaster. Fable, their answer to Zelda, is no more. Mass Effect, which was originally a 360 exclusive, eventually made the jump to Playstation as well. Halo, their bread and butter, the franchise that ushered in the age of online play… was out performed by Splatoon, a Wii U exclusive, and received poor reviews. They even messed up the release of the collection!

Microsoft simply does not have the creative energy in it’s management team. Is everyone who work on the games themselves talentless? No, of course not. Plenty of them have a history of putting out great content under other publishers. But we are, and have been for quite some time, seeing a pattern when it comes to this sort of thing. Microsoft cannot MANAGE video game development. Every time they try ends in disaster. They don’t seem to understand that some titles, like Scalebound, don’t need to appeal to their core audience of shooter fans can just be… you know, creative.

Here’s another thing that I need to point out: People seem to be under the impression that Phil Spencer is this really great guy who’s trying to right a sinking ship. NO. This is not the case. All Microsoft has changed when it came to their change in leadership was their PR. They were trying to change people’s minds about the Xbone and get people interested in supporting the company again after the shit they tried to pull at the reveal. Nothing about Spencer’s reign at Xbox seems to indicate that their actual management is changing. Think about all the things Xbox has done in the past several years, since he took over. Not much of anything, right? And now we have projects that have been  in development for years going being cancelled, including the ONE GAME I bought an Xbox One for.

I think people aren’t being critical enough of Microsoft. I find it baffling how so many people really did believe they were ‘going to change’ after the well deserved backlash towards the Xbox One reveal. They haven’t done shit besides switch some people around and start rethinking their PR strategy. Games are not being made, the Xbox is still not a particularly attractive platform, they are pumping out a completely new Xbox that we still no nothing about… and we’re supposed to believe they’re doing well?

Xbox is an irrelevant brand. They are fading fast and there’s no real hope of recovery for them. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ they will spin out Xbox… it’s a matter of how exactly they will do it.

If they keep going down this path they will lose all the good will they built up last gen for being the more reasonable alternative to the PS3 (Until they started breaking, anyway…) and breaking new ground with online play. They simply aren’t delivering that kind of quality anymore, and are unable to grow relationships with people who can.

I strongly suspect that Scorpio, whatever it is, isn’t going to do so hot. The ‘We need MORE POWER’ guys who think people flock to the biggest, most powerful hardware on the market have no idea what they’re talked about. Like the PS4 Pro, it has no real reason to exist and people will treat it as just another Xbox model.

I think Xbox and to a slightly less extent Playstation are desperate to really get people fired up about their products again. This generation has been nothing but a disaster all around so far (Unless you are a Nintendo fan) and they know it, even if they aren’t publicly admitting it. Scalebound merely existing made me think that Microsoft was genuinely interested in making a great action for their platform, but seeing it cancelled this way made me realize just how hollow of a promise it was from the beginning.






The Incestuous Nintendo leak community

Laura Kate Dale was proven wrong.

Then Tom Phillips, someone has verified his ‘leaks’ in the past tried to damage control the situation.

Then Obe1Plays started ‘leaking’ rumors.

These were all incidents that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while, because it really highlights the real problem with Nintendo leakers in general. These leakers all congregate together, calling each other ‘reliable’ and then get away with getting all their leaks wrong due to bouncing off each other.

I don’t think any other article shows this better than Tom Phillip’s recent ‘Laura Kate Dale wasn’t wrong, guys!’ piece.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like it’s back on for a March release, alongside the launch of Nintendo Switch – at least in Japan and North America.

The narrative that the fake Nintendo leakers have decided on is that NOE was the branch of Nintendo that wanted to delay the game. This is nonsense for reasons I will get into later. 


But what about Europe? The situation here is less clear.

Last year, sources close to Nintendo told Eurogamer that Zelda was content complete but “still four-to-six months” from launch and would miss the Nintendo Switch’s March release. Since then, things have changed.

That source was Emily Rogers. Things haven’t changed… she was just plain wrong. Her story was that the localization was taking too much time. However, in that blog post, there was no mention of ‘Only in Europe, guys! Lol!” 

Back then the story was that BOTW would not be a launch game ANYWHERE. They are moving the goal posts. 

At this point, the game was still to go through a lengthy period of quality assurance testing and localisation – necessary due to the game’s vast size, scope and sandbox nature, plus the need for Nintendo of Europe to perform its customary translation into multiple languages.

Not nearly as time consuming as you might think. This game has been in development for a long time. The way these people present the story,  it would seem like Nintendo didn’t start localizing the game until E3.

Also key was the desire within Nintendo for the game – first announced for Wii U back in 2013 – to launch in as perfect condition as possible. The lack of Zelda at the Switch’s launch could also be mitigated by Nintendo’s new 3D Mario, development of which was effectively complete and ready for a March arrival.

Again, this is the ‘official’ narrative set forth by the group to try and justify why they were completely wrong. 


So, what changed? Multiple sources close to Nintendo have now told Eurogamer that, at the end of last year, Japan finalised its plans and had a change of heart: Switch needed the strongest possible launch lineup. In short, Zelda will release in March in North America and Japan. Zelda’s launch timing in Europe is still unclear.

There is no proof of this. If leakers really had ‘inside sources’ they would have known something had changed before their claims were debunked. 

Nintendo of Europe, which will be impacted most by this change, had previously pushed for as long a period of testing and localisation as could be allowed and had been working to the proposed schedule of a global launch after the Switch itself.

One source tells Eurogamer that Japan had always wanted the game to launch in March, and had been uncomfortable waiting until later. Another source says the decision to move ahead with March regardless of Europe was only finalised by committee at the end of last year.

Vociferous discussions within Nintendo on launch timings are not unprecedented. Last year, a similar conversation between Nintendo of Europe and Japan took place regarding the release of Wii U game Star Fox Zero, which the latter ultimately elected not to delay for further polishing.

This is false. This is the rumor that got Doctor Cupcakes, AKA Liam Robertson banned for NEOgaf because it was debunked in the most hilarious possible way. He said Nintendo would arrive at a decision on whether or not to delay the game on a certain day… only for Nintendo to announce in a Direct that the game was coming out as planned a day before. 

This part of the article particularly interests me, because THERE IS NO PROOF other than Tamaki’s word that that ever happened. More than that on my final thoughts below. 

It remains to be seen how the new March timing will affect Zelda in Europe. The best case scenario is, of course, that Nintendo moves whatever resources it has available onto the game to ensure it is ready in March in all European territories. Zelda’s positioning as a key launch title suggests this is likely.

Another option would be to patch other languages into the game’s European version at a later date, as happened last year with the North American version of Xenoblade Chronicles X. French and Spanish language options were added to that game in late January 2016, via an update released over a month after its initial December 2015 release.

The last, and surely the least welcome option for European fans? That we’ll simply be playing Zelda later than in other regions.

Zelda’s path to release has been fascinating to follow – and it continues to be. All eyes are now on Nintendo and its Switch reveal event on 13th January, when we’ll certainly hear more.

In short, the article offered nothing of substance besides vague statements that have only, ONLY, been corroborated by other notorious Nintendo leakers. 

When Laura Kate Dale was in trouble, they all came running to his defense. Tamaki released some new leaks (That no one cared about, he lost ALL of his credibility last year) Tom Phillips wrote an article claiming that ‘THINGS HAVE CHANGED NOW” and Emily tried posting a tweet saying the ‘updates’ are more reliable than the last. Also that she was totally right about Mother 3 as well. 

In short, these people ARE FRAUDS. This is well documented at this point and the evidence only keeps mounting. However, due to the weird way in which these people present their information and then use each other’s information to form this illusion of being this group of ‘reliable leakers’ it’s hard for most people to really see through it, unless you actually follow these people on twitter or something. Then it becomes obvious. 

I find it amusing how Tom Phillips didn’t cite his sources by name, although they are ‘reliable leakers’ as well and has been in contact with Laura and Emily in the past. The name ‘Emily Rogers’ is quickly becoming toxic, despite 4chan’s attempts to censor any threads discussing her actions at length and the refusal of the corrupt gaming press at large to call her out for what she is: A fake. 





A Deep Dive into Laura Kate Dale’s NX rumors REDUX

I find it very interesting how Laura Kate Dale’s first action when it came to damage controlling the fact that he had recently been debunked (Besides crying on twitter, anyway) was to go back to his NX rumor mega article and make several edits, mostly to try and justify all the things he got wrong about Switch.

Yes, this is our ‘reliable’ Nintendo insider.

Thankfully, I actually covered this article and have saved the original in it’s entirety. You can find my response to that here. But please keep in mind that that is an article going over Laura Kate Dale’s history as a journalist. There’s a lot more content in there than just that one article. But we’re focusing on these new NX rumors today, not LKD as a person.

[Update – This article was updated in early January 2017 to better reflect the state of the below reports and rumours, and add information on reports done since the original article was posted].

As I said before, it was updated because Laura was proven to be wrong. Ignore him when he tries to spin it as simply being ‘new reports.’ He had no idea anything changed until everyone else did as well. I myself beat her to the punch regarding BOTW’s release date by about two days.

Back in August of this year, Let’s Play Video Games began running a number of reports and rumours regarding the Nintendo NX, since renamed the Nintendo Switch. Although much of our info proved accurate, some has yet to be addressed in the three-minute reveal trailer for the system. We thought this would be a perfect time to give a little additional info on which information came from which sources, which things  were accurate or not, and as such which as-of-yet unconfirmed rumours and reports are likely to be proven true in the coming months.


Renamed? Maybe this is bad wording, but that isn’t what happened at all. NX was a codename.

And much of your info proved accurate? WHAT INFO? Whenever I ask no one seems to give me a straight answer.

As for that last bit… pretty much nothing Laura has come out with in the past few months has panned out at all, despite his claims.

Let’s start by giving a little overview of our sources in the run-up to the Nintendo Switch reveal. I have confirmed via Emily Rogers (AKA ArcadeGirl64) and EuroGamer’s Tom Phillips, who both had different leaks regarding the system, that our sources differ. These sources are unique to my attempts to report on the system prior to reveal.

Personally, my guess is that Laura is the sort of person to think ‘Oh, if someone tells me something, and I tell Emily, then that makes our sources different.’

Considering how these people seem to agree on the same statements, but none of them seem to come true, this seems more likely than the idea that several different sources are leaking information for no reason.

Source A – A close source to an internal Nintendo division. Will avoid specifying in which capacity they work, but they are a European source. They have a decent awareness of production, retail hardware, development hardware and marketing plans.

Source B – A source close to development at a Ubisoft studio. This should not come as a surprise considering some of my reports have had specific information regarding Ubisoft software development. They are primarily aware of development kits.

Source C – A source connected to a large indie developer.

Source D – A source connected to a manufacturing partner.

Source E – A source who helped me leak Until Dawn: Rush of Blood one week prior to announcement back in 2015.

I also, in places, conferred with Tom Phillips and Emily Rogers to see if their separate and distinct sources had heard similar, contradictory, or matching info. This was particularly useful when working with new sources.

The reason for fleshing out my sources here is so that I can clarify which information came from which sources, why it might be accurate, and where I may have slipped up in attempting to report on the system.

Announcing “The NX Reveal is Coming Tomorrow” Before the Official Announcement

If you’re waiting on official NX reveal its seeming like Tomorrow (Thurs American Time) may finally be the big day from what I’m hearing.


Be among the first to discover . Watch the Preview Trailer at 7am PT/10am ET!


This was a super last-minute piece of news to me.

I found out the NX / Switch reveal video was coming around 1 hour before it was officially announced, and tweeted about it twenty minutes later (40 mins before official announcement). This information came from Source A (Nintendo) and was backed up by others with reliable sources.

Alongside this information I was given a rundown of roughly what to expect in the trailer, but I could not find a second source, either direct or from another person with sources, to corroborate. As much as I trusted Source A, I did not want to risk running this information without double-sourcing it.

I was told the NX reveal would be three minutes long (later confirmed by Nintendo), that it would initially focus on showing off Zelda: Breath of the Wild running, that it would focus on revealing the hybrid nature of the device and would reaffirm launch month, but not date or price.

Expect NX official name to be revealed tomorrow, alongside the look of the device. Not launch line up. Zelda BOTW NX shown.


Source A told me they had not seen the trailer, but had had it described to them. As such, I was careful not to take it as gospel.

Source A also told me the Switch name. I did not run it because I only had a single source on the information, but I did spend the following 24 hours searching for domain redirects, trademarks or references in interviews to the name Switch, but found nothing. The fact I could not find corroborating evidence is the reason why I alluded to having heard a name, but why I was reluctant to share it publicly at the time. I did, however, confirm that it was not using the Wii name.


Do not expect NX hardware spec details tomorrow.


Trailer will be three mins focused on what it looks like, is, does and is called. Rest of the info will come afterwards.


I’ve heard an alleged NX name from a single source. Not confident enough in it without a second source to share it.


I know it’s easy for me to say so now, but Switch is the name I heard floating around pre announcement.


Single source, no sign of site registration / trademarks for it, I was not confident enough to run it. Feel confident I did the right thing.


Source A (Nintendo) also told me that the trailer would reveal the system’s use of cartridges rather than discs. I was confident in this because it lined up with info from source B (Ubisoft).

Tomorrows 3 min trailer will confirm the NX use of cartridges.


A few people asked me why, if it was a hybrid, Nintendo had called it a home system in their announcement. I had an answer for that ready.

The home console branding is so it’s thought of as a portable home console not a handheld with TV play first.


While I had worked with source A on a number of the August NX rumours, this was the moment that I began to have true, deep down confidence that they knew their shit.

The “NX to Feature PS4 -style Split D-Pad and Share Button” Report


While above image may have looked a little silly when we posted it back in late August, it ultimately turned out to be a pretty accurate image of the retail system. The image was provided by source B (Ubisoft), based on development hardware, and functionally matches the layout of the final hardware. The above development kit drawing correctly showed the NX as having offset sticks (as opposed to the Eurogamer image which showed both sticks at the top), as well as the rough location of the home and share buttons. This button’s function was confirmed in patents which surfaced in December 2016, which refer to the button as a “record” button.

It did fail to reveal the small + and – buttons on the top of the detachable controllers. I have been told that these are not present on early development hardware.

While the buttons on the left switched from rectangles to circles to match the shape of the letter buttons on the right, my source correctly identified they would be individual buttons rather than a D-Pad for separated controller use as displayed in the reveal trailer.

I confirmed the image accuracy by running it past an additional source who confirmed it did not clash with any information they were aware of, as well as Source A (Nintendo). It was also corroborated by Source C (Indie).

While the “share” button I reported on is present on the controller, in the reveal trailer it does not feature a camera icon. I still believe that it is a share button in the same sense I initially reported it to be. I still believe that it will “allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It will also be possible to save images or video to external memory devices for easier transfer to PC.”

That wraps up that report. We were proven correct on sticks being offset, D-Pad being split buttons and the location of an additional button on the left Joy-Con Controller. The December 2016 patents confirm the function of the button and name it a record button.

The “NX Handheld Dimensions, Layout Info, Lack of Region Lock” Report


Yeah, not gonna lie, we fucked up a little when it came to this report in late August. Time for the fun of transparency.

So, the dimensions and diagram here were provided by SOURCE F!

Source F, not mentioned at the start, proved inaccurate and unreliable. They were a new source who reached out to us regarding dimensions and console specifics. They provided falsified evidence they worked for a publisher working on a 2017 NX game. We failed to thoroughly vet this new source. There are checks I could have done and failed to take the time to do.

I ran the image past Source D (Manufacturing) who told me “Yep, looks about right to me”. They were not able to check specifics at the time, and I did not press them to. I foolishly took their vague response as enough to consider the diagram confirmed. That was a mistake on my part.

It was quickly revealed that the source was inaccurate, and we updated our report post to reflect that. We used a vague comment from a verified source as confirmation of info from a new source rather than vetting them properly. They cobbled together info from previous rumour posts and made educated plausible guesses. I will not repost that info here, as I have no reason to believe it is accurate.


In this report we also mentioned the “Switch” being region free. This was in no way based on information from source F (F stands for Fail… on our part… with vetting that source).

The information about the system being region free comes from sources A, B and E (Nintendo, Ubisoft and Rush of Blood). As A and B were accurate as a pair when it came to the Split D-Pad and “Share” Button report, and the Rush of Blood source has been accurate in the past, I still believe the system will be region free.

The “Detachable NX Controllers Support Motion Control and Force Feedback” Report


Much of the information in this report has now been confirmed by the December 2016 Switch patents.

In short, our rumour stated that the Switch Joy-Cons would feature motion control and rumble support.

Our sources on this report were Sources A and B (Nintendo and Ubisoft). We have been given no reason at this point to suspect either source as inaccurate. Source B (Ubisoft) claims that the current version of Just Dance in development supports Wii Remotes, or Joy-Cons, for multiplayer play. Source A (Nintendo) confirmed Wii Remote support on dev kit, and confirmed the Joy-Cons as phasing out Wii Remotes over time. So, why not show that in the reveal trailer?

I asked Source A (Nintendo) why motion control support was not addressed in the reveal trailer. They said that the purpose of the reveal trailer was to show the console’s unique selling point in as focused a manner as possible. They say that motion support will be confirmed closer to launch, but that Nintendo does not want the brand messaging around the Switch confused at this early stage.

Source A (Nintendo) has since stated that the Splatoon and Mario Kart games in development, as well as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will support motion control for things like gyro aiming, steering, use of the magnet ability in Zelda etc.

The “Beyond Good and Evil to be NX Exclusive, 2018 release, semi reboot” Report

If it seems like I’m not commenting on the article much, that’s because this is all things I’ve believed I’ve covered in the past. Most of this was in the original article. Please refer to that if you’re interested in hearing what was wrong with the old article. The Beyond Good and Evil post, however, is new.


This one entirely came via Source B (Ubisoft). Back in March they initially confirmed to me reports that the game was in talks to be an NX exclusive funded by Nintendo.

Source B (Ubisoft) was unclear if a deal was made in the end, but was able to show verifiable evidence that a meeting took place to discuss making the title exclusive to NX.

The timetable of events as I now understand it from Source B (Ubisoft) is that the past six months have been legal and pre-development discussions of budget and direction, project scope, and how much of previous development efforts could be salvaged. The October art teases, as I understand it, were a result of the project reaching a point where all parties were confident they could re-announce it and not have it be another announcement that didn’t ultimately lead to a release.

The interesting thing about this is that it contradicts another tweet he made this morning. beyond-good-and-evil-2-laura-kate-dale

Laura Kate Dale specifically said that BG&E2 would be a Switch exclusive back in October. This is another contradiction.

“Additionally, we have learned from a separate source that there are plans for a new CG trailer for the game to be shown alongside the NX reveal. Much like the 2008 trailer, this is planned to be a tone piece rather than a plot or gameplay reveal, and will be used to announce its NX exclusivity. The game is currently aiming for a Summer 2018 release window, according to sources at Ubisoft.”

He is making careless mistakes at this stage. My assumption is that he’s going to drop everything and run once the Direct is over and one with.

The “Do not believe that Dev Kit image” Tweet.

In the hours since the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch, a lot of people have been asking me about the below tweet, in which I asserted the below image was not a real NX development kit.

Do not believe the “NX Dev Kit” image going around today which came from /v/. Can 100% confirm it’s not real.



Both Sources B (Ubisoft) and C (Indie) have given me strong reason to believe they have their hands on development kits. They have both told me that this image is not of a development kit, and is likely mocked up based on rumours. I do not argue that it may look similar, but this is not the real thing.

The “Switch has a multitouch screen” Tweets

I am VERY confident in saying that the Nintendo Switch screen is a touch screen, but that is not core to most gameplay.


I’ll be there for menus, for drawing, for certain games like Mario Maker port etc.


I’m confident in saying that the Nintendo Switch’s screen is a multi-touch screen.


As all Nintendo Switch games need to be playable with the handheld in the console dock, all Switch games will be playable without touch.


These tweets were based on information from Source A (Nintendo). As shown above, they knew enough to know when the reveal trailer was coming before the official announcement. They know their stuff.

The “Switch dock has some additional processing power” Tweets

RE: dock, what I’ve heard is additional processing (lacking specifics atm) for when docked. However, would expect a few secs to switch.


If there is additional processing in the dock, I would expect at least a few seconds to swap handheld to console etc.


This information again came from sources A (Nintendo), B (Ubisoft) and D (Manufacturing). None could confirm whether the dock is a PlayStation VR-style processing box which helps power higher resolution play when docked, or if docking the console simply allows the handheld to overclock and provides better performance that way. All sources claim the hardware has an easier time running docked compared to when out and about as a portable.

Many on Twitter have drawn my attention to this interview with IGN where Nintendo state that “The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch… The main function of the Nintendo Switch Dock is to provide an output to the TV, as well as charging and providing power to the system.”

To that, I reply that they repeatedly use the words “main function” and “Main Console” here which still leaves a lot of room for clarity. I believe these statements were aimed at clarifying the Switch was not another Wii U style console rather than saying the dock won’t in any way alter game performance. You can’t play the dock without the handheld, but that doesn’t mean the dock won’t improve game performance.

Switch Increases Performance Via Clock Speed Increase not Additional Tech

We put this report together as an update to our previous comments on system performance increase, based primarily on information from source A (Nintendo). While patents released in December 2016 show that we were correct about the system increasing in clock speed to facilitate additional performance, we incorrectly stated that the dock contained an additional fan. The Patents reveal that while the system does cool better when docked, this is due to increased fan speed in the handheld.

In discussions since then with Source A (Nintendo), they have explained that they misunderstood when someone informed them that the system had additional cooling power when docked. It was a minor inaccuracy, but an inaccuracy none the less.


The “Battery Life” Tweet

To those asking about battery life on Nintendo Switch, I’m hearing “mediocre” battery life.


Source A (Nintendo) described the Switch as having a “mediocre” battery life. Source B (Ubisoft) has said a maximum battery life of three hours. In the time since writing this article, I have been lead to believe three hours is how long the system runs undocked, at max clock speed and max settings, in developer test cases.

The “Believe Emily Rogers Specs” Tweet

To those asking me about Nintendo Switch specs check out Emily Roberts reports. She’s bang on the money.


I have run Emily Rogers’ Switch Specs by Sources A (Nintendo), B (Ubisoft) and C (Indie). All three say that the information is accurate to at least one set of development hardware. Source A (Nintendo) suggested they were final hardware retail specs.

Trust Emily Rogers on hardware info, she’s got rock solid sources on the tech and power of this device.

The “More info before investor call” Tweet

Source A (Nintendo) told me that the price, release dates for regions, launch software and spec press releases are essentially ready for release. They did not know for certain, but they suspected that information would release before the upcoming October investor call.

Expect price, date, specs and specific games expanded on by the end of the month investor call.


This was later denied by Nintendo. I believe their official statement on this matter that they are holding further info for January.

Nintendo: no more official announcement would come this year on 1) game titles 2) spec details, including region-lock status.


I was willing to take a source saying that the information was ready to publish as enough evidence that the reveal of that information was imminent. That was an issue on my part.

How Nintendo Ensures the Switch Slots Into the Dock Correctly

While some of the specifics on positioning and shape differs, our report on the basic method for how the Switch docks correctly are backed up by the December 2016 patents which confirm a stabilisation pin used to ensure once docked the system is secure and that connectors are not damaged. This information came from Source A (Nintendo).

Nintendo Switch’s Right Joy-Con Offers IR Pointer Functionality

This report has since been confirmed accurate by the December 2016 Patents. The information came from Source A (Nintendo).

No Nintendo Switch Handheld-Only Package at Launch

This report came from Source A (Nintendo). I currently have no reason to believe it is in any way inaccurate.

Nintendo Switch to Support Micro SD up to 128GB

This information came from Source A (Nintendo). Support for SD based external memory was verified by the December 2016 patents. The size of the slot on the patent diagrams highly implies that it is Micro SD rather than standard SD. I maintain that 128GB will be the officially listed maximum size supported. I believe that, if correctly formatted, larger sizes will function correctly but they are not officially supported due to the exponential price increase for Micro SD above 128GB.

Nintendo Switch Dock Doesn’t Support External USB Drives

We were told by Source A that the Switch doesn’t support external USB drives because Nintendo doesn’t want any barriers to undocking the Switch instantly. We still believe this is the case.

UK Retailer GAME to Price Nintendo Switch from £199.99

This one is a doozie. We based this report on Source A (Nintendo) informing us that UK retail chains had been provided wholesale pricing information for the Switch, and at a similar time being reached out to by a source at retail chain GAME telling me that they had recieved wholesale pricing information. The GAME source told me that the company was aware of wholesale pricing and, based on that knowledge, expected the system to retail at an entry point of £199.99. It was not made clear what the wholesale price was or how much profit the retail chain expected to make on each unit sold.

We mentioned in this report a pack in title, which we will get to later.

Source A (Nintendo) never directly gave us pricing information for the retail chain.

Of note, when we posted this report GAME PR contacted us initially threatening legal action in an attempt to get us to pull our post. They later contacted us with an appology for the thretening tone of their first message.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

The email we received this morning from GAME following our Switch price report.


Mario & Skyrim Switch at Launch, Splatoon Pack In, No March Wii U Zelda

So, this is the one I have recently been updating. In mid November I had two sources at Nintendo of Europe, Souce A who was responsible for all the Nintendo sourced info up until this point, and a new second source within Nintendo of Europe. Neither sources knows the identity of the other source. I have deliberately refused to give any information to either about the identity of the other.

This is actually pretty interesting. I had toyed with the idea myself, but seeing Laura admit it was a concern is pretty interesting.

If there is a point in my Switch reporting where it’s possible I’ve started to be fed inaccurate information, this source is likely where that inaccuracy has entered my reports. For now they shall be Source G for clarify’s sake. Source G undeniably works for Nintendo of Europe, but they have been both very forthcoming with information, and very unconcerned with protecting themselves from being found out by Nintendo comparably. I don’t doubt their identity, but over time I have been concerned about if they are feeding me inaccurate information. I will make it clear where any reports involved Source G.

Sources A and G at very similar times both reached out to me to suggest that Zelda would miss March launch on Switch and Wii U, Mario was planned for day one to fill the gap left by Zelda missing launch day, Splatoon would be a pack in release day one and Skyrim would make launch day.

If, as some suggested, Nintendo at any point fed out false information internally to try and root out my sources, this is likely a point where that happened. I maintain that I heard this information from Source A who has been otherwise very accurate, but as the Jan 12 event has drawn closer this is the leak that seems to be the least accurate. I do not honestly know if deliberate false information is the reason why this leak has not panned out.

Further down, I will discuss my more recent reports which contradict this information. I will be open about the fact I am no longer confident in the release date information listed in this report. I maintain I did my due dilligence with regards to working on this post.

So he’s trying to blame Nintendo for providing misinformation. That’s a new one.

I don’t doubt that Nintendo is trying to root out and find whoever leaked the Switch trailer date forty minutes before it was supposed to, and we already know they’ve blacklisted LKD for  being a piece of shit. Wouldn’t it be something if all of these ‘sources’ of Laura’s were fake?

I find it interesting how these Nintendo ‘insiders’ have yet to reveal any real details on unannounced software. Everything Laura has referred to has been announced already to some capacity.

Ubisoft Developing Rabbids & Mario Crossover RPG

This report about the Mario Rabbids RPG has in many ways been my most left field report, the one that will likely be hardest for people to dismiss as “lucky guess” once formally revealed at the January 12 event.

This information came from sources A (Nintendo) and B (Ubisoft). Source G (Second at Nintendo) was not involved in this leak. I have no reason to doubt this project will be revealed at the Jan 12 Switch event.

Someone else leaked it first. I like how she’s constantly pretending as if SHE was the one who revealed it.

Grant Kirhope Composing for Rabbids Mario RPG

I have two sources on Grant Kirkhope composing music for Switch Mario Rabbids RPG.


I have been told this by Sources A (Nintendo) and B (Ubisoft). I have no reason to doubt this.

Dark Souls 3 Running on Switch, From Software Considering Trilogy ReRelease

The Dark Souls 3 report was based on information from a new source, source H, who provided demonstratable evidence that they worked at From Software and that the game was running on Switch. They asked that the evidence provided to me not be made public as to ensure it didn’t highlight their role in the studio. I believe this report, even if the evidence I was provided is evidence I cannot go publically into detail on.

Koei Tecmo Pitched Nintendo a Star Fox Warriors Title, It Was Rejected

This information came from source A at Nintendo. I later went to source G asking about Koei Tecmo projects that might have been in the work without specifying that I had heard Star Fox. G also said Star Fox had been in development and have very similar specifics. I am confident that this project did exist at the planning stage, but is not going to come to fruition. I would like in future to share some of the evidence I was shown of its existence, but I cannot at this time due to source protections.

March 17th Switch PAL release

Being told March 17th is currently planned Switch launch day in PAL, will release worldwide that same week but not same date all regions.


This information came from source A (Nintendo). I corroborated it by asking Source B at Ubisoft if there was a planned PAL release date internally for the Rabbids Mario RPG which is expected to be a launch day title. They told me March 17th was the planned Rabbids RPG PAL release date. This was in mid November.

Remaining Smash Amiibo Delayed until 2017 Smash Bros. Switch Port Arrives

This information came primarily from Nintendo source A, and was later corroborated by a second source I will not detail at their own request. I have still not heard anything about the fate of the Corrin amiibo.

I still believe the Smash port is coming in the first six months of the system’s launch, and that the Bayonetta and Cloud amiibo are releasing that same date.

The big year one line up post

For folk who have been asking, this is my best attempt to lay out Nintendo Switch Software support as I understand it.


This one’s going to take me a few mins to work through.

When I put this together November 20th 2016, I attempted to put together a list of how the first year of the system looked to me. Some of this information was only single sources, which is not my standard practice, but it was an attempt to lay out as best I could the picture I had been working from with regards to sourced information.

3D Mario day one was said by sources A and G at Nintendo Europe. I honestly at this point suspect it’s more likely BOTW is launching day one and Mario is being pushed back. I suspect there was some kind of internal issue with ZZelda making it look like it would miss launch. I suspect that got sorted, and with it ready for launch Mario was pushed back to spread out launch line up.

No, it was always going to come out at launch. You were just wrong.

Mario Rabbids RPG was Sources A and B. I have no reason to doubt it’s hitting launch day.

Splatoon pack in was Source A and source at GAME. I still believe it’s a day one release. I know others do not believe it is a pack in, but I believe at the very least at GAME there will be a package with Splatoon packed in.

Skyrim I had as day one from a single source, source A. I have no reason to disbelieve source A that it was in mid November targetting day one, but I have since seen finalised North American materials that say it will be launch window not day one in North America. I do not know if that is the case for PAL regions.

Just Dance 2017 day one is Sources A and B at Nintendo and Ubisoft. I have zero doubt in this.

First six months section I still believe is accurate, with the possible exception of Mario taking Zelda’s summer launch slot. I’m not going to ignore the fact I have seen finalised materials this week stating BOTW is day one in NA. I suspect those two titles might end up switching places in the year one I outlined. I can only update the information I reported, I do not lightly retract a past report.

Of note, Source A states the Xenoblade X port is not being worked on internally by Monolith. I have a second source on that I cannot currently share.

The 2017 section is mainly based on information from source A. I still believe it is accurate.

The 2018 section is Sources A and B. I still believe it is accurate.

Switch triggers are analogue

As I understand it the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con triggers are analogue on final hardware.


Back in October I stated that the triggers on the Switch were analogue. while this has not yet been officially confirmed, I believe the currently circulating reports of Gamecube virtual console support, which would necessitate analogue triggers. Every single source I have spoken so, from Nintendo to Ubisoft to Manufacturing has insisted analogue triggers. I have also seen finalised materials for the Jan 12th event confirming GC VC compatability.

The stuff from the Reddit AMA

So, yeah, I did a Reddit AMA and talked about the Switch.

Regarding my claims that there’s still surprises for the Jan 12 event and a lot of third party info not touched on, I have doubled sourced information I have deliberately not shared. I’m at a point now where I don’t want the stress of more leaks to work through in the build up to Jan 12th. I am deliberately leaving info off the table to be a surprise for the big day.

People are following you FOR YOUR LEAKS. Saying ” Oh, I want it to be a surprise!” is just you admitting you don’t know.

I maintain my claim made in the Reddit AMA that there is at least one new IP that has not leaked, is unexpected, and is being revealed at the Jan 12th event.

What a…. uh, specific guess.

I still don’t know exactly why I heard June launch for Zelda for so long from my EU sources. NA sources are able to verifiably confirm that it’s launching day one in NA. It’s more important that I update my info as I learn more rather than sticking to old info out of fear of reprisal.

I maintain there are three third party developed exclusives coming to Switch at launch. Without ruining the surprises, don’t hold your breath on the quality of them, just the fact they are exclusive.

Info on one min Beyond Good and Evil teaser came from Ubi Source B and a second source I cannot at this stage detail. I cannot confirm when it’s going to be for. I can’t find confirmation it’s for the Jan 12th event.

Both Source A (Nintendo) and a Monolith source have told me the Monolith project is a new project, not the Xenoblade X port, but features a very similar combat system.

Source A at Nintendo, and a second source at Platinum, have both told me not to expect anything from Platiunum at the January event. This lines up with finalised materials I have seen.

Mother 3 Q2 2017 on Switch

Mother 3 VC Switch Q2 2017. Will be announced Jan 12 event.


Yep, the one that has broken the percieved credibility of many a leaker before me. I have heard from a source at Nintendo (Source A), and two sources I will not at this stage comment on, that Mother 3 is ready for Switch and will be releasing in Q2 2017. The game features a new translation rather than the existing fan translation and has been sat ready to publish for multiple months. Emily Rogers and Tom Phillips past attempts to report on the existance of the project for Wii U were not inaccurate through fault on their part, the game was done and ready to go, but it was shelved to drive interest in the Switch once it became apparent the Wii U was not going to recover steam.

I firmly believe we will see the game release on Switch in Q2 2017. I am well aware that many before me have tried to report on this game without sucess, so I do not undertake this lightly.

To further elaborate, while a release date will not be given Jan 12th, I expect it to get a release date announcement at E3 2017, to be released imminently after or during the show. Mother 3 is going to be their “You can get the game soon after our presentation” announcement at E3 2017.

I remember when Emily Rogers said the same thing about it happening at E3 2016.

If it was really ‘delayed’ as you are trying to say, than ‘reliable’ leaker Emily Rogers would have leaked the delay as well. But no, that didn’t happen. At this point, you are just trying to damage control for being proven wrong.


It sickens me that Emily Rogers can take statements like that and say ‘ha ha I was right!” no matter what happens. emily-rogers-will-be-righ-abou-mother-3

Fuck Emily Rogers.

The Obe1 Steam Info

Jumping on this stream was somewhat unplanned, but let’s try and elaborate on what I said during the stream.

Record button existence is confirmed by the December 2016 patents.

Which means that you didn’t leak it… my guess is that something else indicated it would happen.

DeNA eliminating friend codes info comes from source A (Nintendo) and North American finalised materials.

Nintendo confirmed this themselves.

Regarding the Genos rumour, I haqve never spoken to them so their claims that we “shared similar sources” was false. Having read through the document, none of it held water with anything I have heard. I do not believe the Genos leak document is accurate.


Bluetooth support was confirmed in the December 2016 Switch FCC filings.

I have heard about Joycons being available separately at launch from both Souce A (Nintendo) and a manufacturing source.

Docks not being available at launch but within six months I have heard from sources at Nintendo (Source A), Manufacturing, and from official North American materials.

Gery Switch only at launch has been stated to me by Source A at Nintendo, Manufacturing source, GAME source and North American finalised materials.

32 GB on entry model has been told to me by Souce A at Nintendo and Source B at Ubisoft. My only concern is I cannot confirm if this info is based on retail or development hardware.

Rayman Legends Port, BGE2 Exclusivity info and Rabbids RPG Name.

Sooooo, this was a bit last minute.

BGE2 codename is Odyssey. Exclusive to Switch for 12 months only, retail and digital versions. after 12 months digital on PS4 and XB1.


BGE2 Odyssey teaser is done. Likely to be at the end of the end of Jan 12 event.


PC Port after 12 months too, sorry about forgetting to add this.


Rayman Legends Switch Port is being announced during Jan 12 event for Q2 release.


Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the title of that Rabbids Mario Rabbids RPG. I have one source telling me it may get pushed to September.


I was reached out to by a verifiable Ubisoft source regarding this info. The source was able to show verifiable evidence of the information in these tweets. They are the most up to date information I have on these projects and I believe this is currently the most accurate information available on these projects.

And as I pointed out above, contradicts statements you’ve already made.

So, there you have it, that’s the whole story of my involvement in the NX leaks running up to the Switch reveal. Hope this helps folk have faith in my reports going forward, and offers some understanding into how these kinds of reporting happen.

In all honesty there doesn’t seem to be too many changes here. Some articles were switched around added, mostly about Zelda and Beyond Good and Evil, but nothing seems to have been outright removed. He just tries to justify ‘why’ the leaks were wrong, which I think will lead to issues later down the road.

I have no doubt projects like Mother 3 are coming, but the writing was on the wall ever since they released the first one on the eshop. Again, the main problem with LKD and Emily Rogers is that they are simply speculating, but pretending they have actual insider sources. LKD, in this article, even admits he doesn’t completely trust at least one of his alleged sources at Nintendo.

My personal opinion is that LKD’s credibility will be completely destroyed next week.



Well, the past month or so has been kind of hectic for me, but it looks like things are going  the way I want them too. I finally managed to find the time to really push past the final few areas in DQVII and finish the game. It took a lot longer than it really should have (Which is my main problem with the game in general) but I have to say that in spite of that, I overall found DQVII to be a really pleasant experience. It would easily have gotten very high up on my GOTY 2016 list if I had not decided to disqualify remakes of older games.

There are actually quite a few games I wish I had talked about on that list. Perhaps I will make a video shortly going over what I thought of them.

But what makes DQVII so appealing to me, in spite of it’s pacing problems? Well, in a weird way, the pacing gives this game an air of mystery and wonder that I haven’t felt in a while. Each Island has it’s own bizarre set of issues and characters that really give the player a feeling of constantly falling into new situations and solving them. I feel as if DQVII is made up of several, much shorter adventures rather than a single large one. Once you get past the point where you have saved all the islands and the real plot takes off… it really feels like the game could end at any time. Which makes the plot twist actually pretty effective.

The combat, as I’ve mentioned before, is very simplistic. But somehow it is fun in spite of how simple most encounters are. It’s a very ‘standard’ RPG with no real gimmicks and surprisingly few party members (Only five? Are you SERIOUS?) I also dislike the bizarre amount of time it takes to max out your team. You don’t meet the final party member until the game is almost over, and the job system isn’t even unlocked until fifteen hours in. This is ridiculous for this kind of game. It absolutely boggles my mind that the original Playstation release was even WORSE about this. I’ve  heard hardcore fans lament the addition of the fragment location feature, which allows the player to figure out where the pieces they need much more quickly and easily than in the original release, but I am strongly opposed to this. This game, even with the changes made to streamline it, was still way too fucking long and a bit of a chore to play through. Did I enjoy it? Yeah, but I was interested in moving on to other games pretty soon. I almost quit once I got to All Trades Abbey, but thankfully the game started to pick up a little bit after that due to the job system finally being introduced.

One of the things that really impressed me in this game was the personality of each area and the characters living in them. Each character had their own distinct quirks and interests, even if they had standard character models. Euphonia’s probably one of my favorite characters, as her odd personality, fan club, and her willingness to befriend the heroes really charmed me. And she only really has a role in one part of the story.

Really, the game kept me invested throughout it’s main story, and I’m sure there’s more stuff in the game that I missed, but without that feeling of constantly working towards clearing the game, I can’t say I’m interested in seeing everything there is to see. Unless, of course, I get to marry Maribel, which is sadly not the case from what I understand. I was invested in saving the world, and once I had that… it was over for me.

Also, the ending didn’t really do it for me, besides Euphonia suggesting that she wanted to be married. Lots of these characters I never really got to know because they weren’t involved in the plot all that much. Because, as I’ve said before, the meat of the game takes place in the past. I simply didn’t feel all that invested in what was going on in the present.

Very much unlike something like, say, A Link the Past, the two world mechanic feels very disjointed and very, very… incompatible with each other. Besides the fact that islands only appear in the present once you’ve saved them in the past, they don’t do a whole lot to keep you interested in the new characters and going ons in the present. At least, not right away. The sections in the present, although interesting while they last, don’t leave the same sort of impact the first part leaves. At that point, you just want the game to be over.

And it does end. Eventually. If you spend all your free time doing nothing else. It does end. And you know what? It’s still a good time if you’re a fan of these kinds of games.