Nintendo: Nintendo 3DS will outlive Nintendo Switch

Following the March 8th Nintendo Direct, many Nintendo fans were surprised by the sheer number of Nintendo 3DS titles that were unveiled. It has been commonly assumed among fans that Nintendo Switch would be Nintendo’s focus going forward, and that the 3DS would slowly be phased out. Following the Direct, however, Kimishima released a statement shedding light on Nintendo’s development plans for 3DS and Switch.

“We have no further plans for Nintendo Switch.” Kimishima announced following the Direct.

The news came as a bit of a shock to Nintendo fans around the world, but Kimishima quickly clarified his point.

“The Nintendo Switch is not a new Nintendo platform.” He said. “It is a Wii U gamepad redesigned to be easier to carry around with you. Our new home console, the Nintendo NS, will be announced next year.”

This was why, Kimishima claims, there have been so many Wii U ports on the console. The primary purpose of the Nintendo Switch was to get Nintendo Wii U games to sell millions more than they would have on the original hardware. It was never meant to be the next big thing from Nintendo. It was merely meant to help make the Wii U a true success story before Nintendo moved on to its next big release.

But how does this relate to the 3DS’s continued support?

“The 3DS will not just be supported for this year, or the next year, or the year after that.” Kimishima said. “We will continue to put new games on 3DS for the next five years. Please look forward to those announcements in the near future.”

Upon hearing this news YouTuber Josh Thomas hung himself on camera, clutching a Tom Nook doll and crying about Chibi-Robo.



March 2018 Nintendo Direct leaks!

After having spoken to several reliable sources at Nintendo, we here at TheHeroes7 have compiled a COMPLETE list of what is going to be shown at the March 8th Direct. This list has been verified by authentic sources like Marcus Sellars, Liam Robertson, and Emily Rogers. This post has the backing of everyone on ResetERA behind it, which means that it is 100% reliable.

ResetERA is a reliable source of information for all of your Nintendo leaks. Please refer to that forum if you any further questions about upcoming Nintendo content.

Now onto the main event. The Direct itself.

The Direct opens with footage of Metroid Prime 4. It features motion controls and multiple planets to explore. However unlike Prime 3 you can explore each completely nonlinearly and explore the universe at your own pace. Launching Holiday 2018. More details will be this E3.

Fire Emblem Generations announced. Switch Fire Emblem about three generations of a royal family from a small kingdom fighting a Great Empire. The first generation secedes from the Empire, and the plot of the game involves the descendants fighting for more freedom and influence in the continent. The game introduces a ‘resource’ system in that you have to take care of your units physically. Making sure they get enough food and rest will be very important to their performance. The game features a farming feature where you grow your own crops and raise your own animals for resources. Throughout the game you can build and raise these farms to be more productive, but be warned! The empire can attack them at any time, which may force you to defend them.

The game also features a ‘real time’ map system in that you must send units out to specific parts of the map to conquer new land, collect resources, or fight opposing armies. The gameplay itself is still traditional Fire Emblem, it is only the world map system that has been reworked. This system allows the game to be very non linear. If you so choose, you can march onto the capital city of the Empire from the very beginning. Not that that’s a good idea!

Diddy Kong Racing 2 confirmed. Instead of choosing between your vehicle, you can switch between flying and land based vehicles at will. WizPig makes a return, but this time he’s smaller and playable. Other playable characters include Dillon from Dillon’s Rolling Western, Rusty Slugger, and other lesser known Nintendo character. The game will be launching this September.

F-Zero Custom. Design your own F-Zero tracks and race them online!

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Redemption announced. Retro’s project. An interesting first person horror game with a strong focus on historical weapons, combat, and exploration. Details are scarce. October 2018.

Alethea, Retro’s second project, finally sees a release the same day. Play as a young witch with the power to turn ordinary objects into horrifying monsters to exorcise a haunted castle. There are tons of unlockable costumes, including an Ashley (WarioWare) Samus, Bayonetta, Alexandra Roivas, and the girls from Fatal Frame V.

Third parties games showcased at this Direct include Monster Hunter World (Launching later this year) Yakuza (0, Kiwami 1 and 2) Persona 4 Golden Switch, a release date for The Eight Paths (Octopath Traveler) Dragon Quest XI’s release date, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2’s release date in the west, and a new Bayonetta 3 trailer.

Mario Tennis Aces will be shown. It has single player this time. Kirby Star Allies will get a short trailer, and the Direct will end with a surprise trailer from PlatinumGames regarding their new project. Star Fox Zero 1 + 2. The original Zero has been reworked to have more replay value, including having an online leaderboard and in game achievements. Motion controls are optional, although turning them off is specifcally referred to as being for casual players. The second game has several new modes and features, including an in depth multiplayer mode with on foot combat and in depth dog fights. Online and local multiplayer supported. There are also other single player modes, including a mission mode where you complete a variety of objectives across an open map. There is also Arcade mode (Which is essentially 64 again) and a seperate story mode, which essentially incorporates all of the above features in one cohesive narrative.


Microsoft to buy out Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Valve, and the guys who made PUBG

In a surprising move this week, Microsoft executive Phil Spencer formally announced the company’s plans to remain competitive in the gaming market in the future. Following a lengthy period of issues with the Xbox division, it has been long been believed among gaming enthusiasts that Microsoft would soon leave the gaming market altogether.

That is not the case anymore.

“We are going to buy everyone.” Phil Spencer announced to a crowd of reporters. “We areĀ  going to buy out all of the biggest brands, the best selling pieces of hardware, and all of the biggest games.”

The brazen claim was not unwarranted. Within the next couple of hours, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Valve, and various other developers all confirmed the story. Microsoft is indeed spending billions of dollars to entirely buy out every major player in the gaming industry.

“Playstation 4 has sold 80 million units.” Phil Spencer told us. “And Nintendo Switch has sold fifteen million. Within the next month, we here at Microsoft will have sold 100 million consoles.”

This bold, unthinkable move is putting Microsoft straight on the trajectory of being the most powerful and relevant console developer in the world. They now own the gaming industry, and therefore own you.




Megaman Legacy Collection 2 cannot fit onto a Switch cartridge

Fans were pleased to hear that both versions of Megaman Legacy Collection 1 + 2 would be launching onto Nintendo Switch this May in a single package. That surprise turned to shock, however, when it became apparent that Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 requires a download. Mega Man Legacy 2 is not actually on the cartridge.

We immediately reached out to Capcom for answers.

“Mega Man Legacy 2 is simply too much content for a Switch cartridge to handle. The Switch carts are extremely small and it is impossible to cram all four games in the collection into one. In fact, Mega Man 9 and 10 alone are too much for it to handle.”

That is not the only reason, says Capcom.

“The Switch is simply too weak to run the games that we want to make.” Capcom told us. “Megaman 11 on Switch has already had to be downgraded in order to run on the hardware. It’s like getting a rock to run Devil May Cry… it simply is not going to happen.”

We have reported in the past about how Capcom could not get Devil May Cry HD collection running on Switch, and how Nintendo abused the Monster Hunter Team. It is becoming more and more apparent that it was Nintendo that ruined all of Capcom’s franchises, not Capcom itself. Here’s hoping that the next Mega Man game, after 11, ditches the Switch version and goes on to be a Monster Hunter World type success, not at all held back by primitive hardware.

Death Stranding does not exist

We here at the TheHeroes7 pride ourselves on delivering inside information within the gaming industry to the gaming public. The Kojima situation has been something we have been VERY interested in covering for quite some time now, but the time is not quite right for THAT story.

Exclusive insider information at Sony, alongside some statements from Konami insiders that we have spoken too paint a very different of what Kojima is really like behind the scenes. We have heard him described as a mixture of Tommy Wiseau and George Lucas. A madman given far too much money and power despite a lack of any real talent of passion for creating video games.

His reign of terror at Konami put several beloved franchises into a deep hiatus with no hope of revival. Series like Contra, Suikoden, Castlevania, and Bomberman all suffered under his reign as the Vice President of Konami. The reason that Konami did not make new entries into these series, for years, was because of Kojima’s power and influence.

Kojima has been described to me as being ‘obsessed’ with the idea that his games can be seen as having artistic merit that surpasses that of what film makers can provide for their audience. Kojima does not admire film as some would claim, or particularly want to be a filmmaker. What he wants to do is elevate gaming past film as an art form. He wants Hollywood celebrities to look at him in awe whenever he drops by L.A. He wants everyone in the developed world to look up to and respect him the way the gaming industry respects him. He wants books to be written analyzing his work and worldview, his philosophy. He is obsessed with the idea of being an innovator, and pioneer, a genius beyond everyone who has come before and after him.

Death Stranding is being designed under this mindset. Death Stranding is being made to be one of the deepest, most symbolically complex video games ever made. A major reason as to why Kojima chose Silent Hills to be his big auteur project while at Konami was due to its reputation as being a deep, complex series. One that he desperately wanted to latch on to.

Death Stranding is Silent Hills. They were unable to take the work they had made on it with them, but Kojima feels as if he has grown beyond the need to use established IPs to push forward his ideas and finds the freedom liberating. This is especially due, in fact, to the practically unlimited funds he receives from Sony to make a masterpiece. Kojiima has been making constant trips to Hollywood, wining and dining celebrities on Sony’s dime to try and get the biggest names involved with the project.

The project was has not even entered full production yet.

There is a very good reason why no one involved with Death Stranding wants to talk about the game itself. How it plays, what the combat will be like, or anything along those lines. Aside from vague statements about it being open world and it being an action game, nothing really has been said publicly about it.

The reason for that is that Kojima wanted to build a unique story and narrative first and then build the gameplay around it. But since Kojima is still meeting with various actors and producers he wants involved with the project, next to nothing has actually gotten done on the game itself.

Death Stranding, at this moment, simply does not exist.

Capcom responds to Monster Hunter World being outsold by Cardboard

Following the surprise announcement of Nintendo Labo and it’s immediate popularity online, we here at TheHeroes7 immediately noticed something very amusing. Nintendo Labo had jumped up straight to the top of the Amazon best sellers list. Above even the SNES Mini, a huge hit in its own right, and the upcoming Monster Hunter World.

We immediately reached out to Capcom for comment, and this was their reply:

“We would like to think that the people who would play our games aren’t the same sort of people who would enjoy playing with cardboard.”

This is not the first time Capcom has written off Nintendo Switch’s success. Itsuno of Devil May Cry fame recently derided Switch for not being able to handle intense action games. ( and suggested that Nintendo owners would be happy with Bayonetta.

Reliable Nintendo Insider Marcus Sellars successfully leaks Nintendo Direct date

We here at TheHeroes7 deeply love and appreciate the Industry Insider who provide us with exclusive, insider information everyday. The newest member of our little posse, Marcus Sellars, has come forward and SUCCESSSFULLY leak the date of the Nintendo Direct. An entire couple of hours before the announcement.

“We’ve been anxiously trying to figure this thing out since November.” Marcus Sellars told us over skype. “The question that has been on everyone’s mind since then has been… well, when is the next Direct going to drop?”

Leaking the announcement date of the Direct is very impressive. Our friend and reliable Nintendo leaker Laura Kate Dale leaked the announcement date of last year’s NX event as well, alongside exciting announcements concerning the status of the Mario/Rabbids crossover and Beyond Good and Evil 2. Marcus Sellars, it seems, is cut of the same cloth as his forbearer. He is a completely reliable source of information. We here at TheHeroes7 are sure of this.

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