Epic Games Store becomes first Ghost Store

It is no secret that the Epic Game Store has had a bit of a rocky start. Fans and critics alike have not been too fond of the new store for a number of reasons, and it is well known among gaming enthusiasts that the Epic Game Store, more commonly known as the EGS, is not exactly popular. However a recent report seems to indicate that the Epic Games Store is far more unpopular than anyone could have imagined.

Not a single purchase has ever been made on the service. No accounts have been made. For the purposes of this article we here at TheHeroes7 tried to register an account and play a round of Fortnite, but were shocked to discover that the register button was broken. The Epic Games Store is so unpopular, and so hated among its userbase, that it has become a ‘ghost’ server. A completely empty waste of space on the internet that is only notable for being the reason that certain games are not coming to Steam.

What may surprise you even more is that this is completely intentional. The EGS relishes in the negative attention and needs it to thrive and grow and remain relevant. The EGS is not a game store so much as it centerpiece for something far more sinister.

The EGS is empty, so cut off from the rest of the internet and the rest of society that it has become more than a failed game store that no one uses. It is the center of something more, something otherworldly. It very well be the first proven instance of an online store being possessed by actual fucking ghosts.

Similar to how ghost towns and abandoned amusement parks tend to attract wayward spirits, the EGS seems to have drawn in a group of spirits. Renowned paranormal investigators such as Chris Bores seem to agree that the haunting of online communities and stores is quite different than regular hauntings and possessions. Users attempting to log into and use the EGS run into a number of issues, including random flashes on the screen that replace the store with a woman with flaming blue hair and laughter blaring through your speakers… even if they’re turned down or off. This writer experienced a situation where the laughing got louder and louder, despite trying everything to turn the volume off.

We know very little about these ghosts- yet. But certain online researchers believe that online hauntings may become more and more common as online suicides and disasters become more and more common on Youtube and other platforms.

As to the Epic Game Store specifically, the EGS? No one knows who these ghosts are or what they want. We know they are all female. We know they enjoy angsty whiny music aimed at teenagers.We know the flaming hair. We know the words- EGS. Epic Games Store. But there have been reports that EGS has some kind of supernatural, otherworldly meaning. It may mean something else to these ghosts. There have been whisperings that the EGS does not stand for Epic Games Store at all, and instead stands for something completely different, with a long, sordid history online.

Ember Ghost Squad. The Ember Ghost Squad is the Epic Game Store.

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